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Re: Possible new maintainer

I wrote:
> David Juran wrote:
>> To be honest, I'm not sure. I know it's been discussed on this list
>> back and forth a few times but I can't recall the outcome so I just
>> pulled the above FAQ out from google... Can anyone else  on the list
>> recall?
> Heh, I have similarly vague recollections.  Glad to not be the only
> one. :)

This might be the thread we were thinking about:


That means that facter and puppet are violating this. :(

They have been doing so for years.  I strongly suspect that they were
in EPEL before they got added to MRG and no one noticed at the time.
I started helping with the packages in Fedora/EPEL around the 0.24.6
timeframe, but they entered EPEL in July of 2006, it appears.

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