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Re: Paths dilema

On Monday 20 June 2011 19:37:38 Toshio Kuratomi wrote:
> On Sun, Jun 19, 2011 at 06:27:32PM +0300, Marian Marinov wrote:
> > Hello,
> > I'm preparing my own software source RPMs for inclusion into EPEL-5.
> > My software is similar to fail2ban but it also includes a nice web
> > interface.
> > 
> > While I'm distributing this software with my own commercial products I
> > ship the software in two packages. One for the software and one for the
> > javascript library that I use in the web interface(ExtJS/Sencha). I do
> > that because I have other web interfaces using the same javascript
> > library.
> > 
> > I talked with wolfy on irc and I have a dilema about how to organize the
> > package for the EPEL repository.
> > 
> > Should I continue to have the javascript library as a separate package?
> Yes, that would be quite nice.
> > Also if it is a separate package, what would be the appropriate place for
> > the files?
> > 
> > Since it is a library it should be under /usr/lib, but since it is only
> > web related, maybe the better place would be under /var/www.
> > In either case my application should have a symlink to the directory in
> > order to work.
> /usr/share (%{_datadir} in an rpm spec file)
> Look at the MochiKit package for one example:
> http://pkgs.fedoraproject.org/gitweb/?p=MochiKit.git;a=tree
> Also look at
> http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/JavaScript_libraries_packaging_guideline_draf
> t for some more current ideas (This is just a draft so it's not to be taken
> as MUSTs for now, though.)

Toshio, thanks for the information. It was quire helpful. 

But now I have more questions :)
Since currentle there isn't %{_sysconfdir}/js.d/ wouldn't it be better if i 
create a %{_sysconfdir}/httpd/conf.d/jslibs.conf in which I define alias for my 
  Alias /js/extjs /usr/share/extjs

And we can then add additional aliases to that file.

> > Also if it is under /var/www wolfy mentioned that it would be best if it
> > is not web accessible, what are your toughs about that?
> It should not be under /var/www... Use the apache.conf to set it up to be
> served.

Do you mean that I have to have a %{_sysconfdir}/httpd/conf.d/hawk.conf (Hawk 
is the name of my application). And in it to have aliases setup for my 
application? If so, where should the web interface reside? Under 
%{_datadir}/hawk ?

> -Toshio


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