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Re: Percona MySQL and MariaDB in EPEL

On Mon, 20 Jun 2011 21:11:17 +0300
Marian Marinov <mm yuhu biz> wrote:

> I have thought about building both MySQL packages as a separate
> daemons but the problem is that since they are one and the same, they
> use the same port ,the same configuration files and the same data
> directories. 
> Althou that could be changed with a few simple patches this would
> make them somewhat cripled. 
> Also the userland tools use the same configuration files (~/.my.cnf)
> which will complicate things even more.
> Is it possible for the EPEL policy to bend a little here for at least
> one of these packages ?

I suppose these could fall under the compatibility packages thing we
have been talking about for things like newer boost or the like. 


I think we are drving down a slippery slope here tho. 
A downside of this kind of thing also is packages or people who do 'yum
install /usr/bin/mysqld'. They aren't really sure what they will get

I wonder if this wouldn't be better in IUS? 

Or talk with upstream about renaming things so it can parallel install,
and then perhaps we could change packages to need 'mysql-database' or
something that could get added as a virtual provides to all of these?

Not sure there's a good answer here. 


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