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EPEL-ANNOUNCE Zarafa 7.0.0 has been pushed to updates-testing

Good evening,

Zarafa 7.0.0 has been pushed to updates-testing (EPEL 5 and 6, Fedora 14,
15 and Rawhide). The zarafa-indexer subpackage is not available on Rawhide
at the moment, because Fedora Rawhide is shipping the brand new, but API
and ABI incompatible CLucene version

IMPORTANT: Updating from Zarafa 6.40.x to 7.0.x is a major update, which
needs some time. Please read the Zarafa release notes and perform a backup
of everything before; see: http://doc.zarafa.com/7.0/Release_Notes/en-US/.

Only EPEL 4 will stay at Zarafa 6.40 series, because Zarafa can't and won't
guarantee PHP 4 compatibility anymore. If you're still using RHEL 4, please
don't forget, that Red Hat Enterprise Linux 4 will reach end of lifetime at
2012-02-29; see https://access.redhat.com/support/policy/updates/errata/.

Zarafa Collaboration Platform 7.0.0 Final [27791]

This is the final release of ZCP 7.0.0. Please read the release notes on
this final release at http://doc.zarafa.com/7.0/Release_Notes/en-US/.

Upgrade Notice

IMPORTANT: Please read the upgrade section in the Administrator manual.
Make sure you do a back-up before upgrading.

- This version includes an upgrade path for upgrades from 6.x to 7.0.0 with
  a specific Zarafa upgrade tool for the 6.40 to 7.00 migration.
- The upgrade will not be done automatically to 7.0.0 and will halt
  automatically at the start of the 7 upgrades (see
  /var/log/zarafa/server.log), the standard upgrade is available by
  starting the server with the --force-database-upgrade option. Servers
  that already run any 7.0.0 version will automatically be upgraded. 
- The upgrade will optimize the performance on multiple areas but will
  cause a database volume increase of about 20%, this is expected. 


In this version Zarafa included the ability for IMAP and POP gateway access
per user organized via zarafa-admin and the upgrade-tool for 6.40 to 7, the
security audit logging introduced in 6.40.7 is included in 7.0.0 s well.
The zarafa-upgrade tool is more efficient to use as it presents a progress
of the upgrade and also is transaction safe, requires less resources on the
database, and causes a lesser peak in database size required. To publish
the zarafa cache statistics to terminal and replacing the former SIGUSR1
signal, the statistics can now only be displayed by using: zarafa-stats
--system. The use of the SIGUSR2 signal was removed in favor of a new
command in line with other administrative command structures, to clear the
internal zarafa cache issue the command: zarafa-admin --clear-cache. In
this release we did one graphical update on the Webaccess login screen.

- Feature: Improved logging.
- Feature: Reduced Imap optimized database size. 
- Feature: IMAP Gateway rewrite.
- Feature: IMAP Gateway performance optimization via gateway.cfg and per
  user enable/disable imap feature.
- Feature: Improved ZCP wide Unicode support.
- Feature: Python language bindings for MAPI.


- Feature #7250: User level gateway access control
- Feature #6947: Implement a Security-log
- Feature #7299: 640-700 migration full upgrade path tool
- Feature #7101: $Forward flag support for IMAP.
- Feature #7066: Support more password encryption types (sha).
- Feature #6464: New parameter for Zarafa-restore wanted (--not-after).
- Feature #6708: Imap namespace support.
- Fix #6203: Opening meeting request in ical will make it a not current
  meeting in WA/OL.
- Fix #6962: Server segfault when running this script from 6.40 client to
  7.00 server.
- Fix #7260: Use indexer for all fields in ZCP 7.
- Fix #7294: Updating from 6.40.7 to 7.0 fails for php5 and python mapi
- Fix #7296: Extension on the administrator manual.
- Fix #7297: Send mail from OpenOffice.org to WebAccess for windows &
- Fix #7299: 640-700 Full upgrade path tool.
- Fix #7391: Zarafa-indexer depends on lynx. Lynx is not available in
  SLES(10/11/11.1) replaced by W3M (for all distros).
- Fix #7407: Zarafa-webaccess package in ubuntu repo doesn't contain
- Fix #7432: Reset counters on folder open.
- Fix #7443: Blackberry non working after migration to ZCP 7.
- Fix #7501: Tab order of input fields is wrong in ADS plugin tab.
- Fix #7521: Search via indexer on mailaddress is slow on large folders.
- Fix #7524: Segfault zarafa-indexer.
- Fix #7525: SQL Failed: Out of range value adjusted for column
- Fix #7532: zarafa-msr python errors on 6.40.7 (destination server ->
  source server).
- Fix #7542: Zarafa daemons can have strange behaviour when config file
  couldn't be successfully read.
- Fix #7558: zarafa 7 doesn't work with loadsim.
- Fix #7567: Make conflict in python-mapi package for zarafa-python
- Fix #7568: Segfault zarafa-server 6.40.7 during ldap down.
- Fix #7569: Spooler should automatically quote fullname of sender,
  recipient to solve issues in some client with commas.
- Fix #7580: BES resolve breaks sometimes.
- Fix #7581: ResolveNames() broken in SWIG/python.
- Fix #7582: User/company/server settings in zarafa-indexer do not work.
- Fix #7585: Indexer leaks memory in streaming mode.
- Fix #7587: LMTP may not respond on error.
- Fix #7589: Spooler doesn't allow using SMTP port other than 25.
- Fix #7593: BES broken since r26972.
- Fix #7597: Segfault zarafa-gateway 7.00.
- Fix #7600: Installer should disable imap feature when gateway isn't
  selected to run.
- Fix #7601: Zarafa-admin segfaults on archiver users.
- Fix #7602: Install.sh script does not accept 7 serial.
- Fix #7604: Uninitialized memory in ECNamedProp::GetIDsFromNames.
- Fix #7606: The loglevel applied is the one from the config.
- Fix #7608: Moving stubbed message makes it impossible to destub.
- Fix #7610: Mysql detects deadlocks when inserting into the tproperties
- Fix #7611: Password correction is not used and is not saved by zarafa
- Fix #7612: Clean-archive.py fails when ran against user marc on
- Fix #7615: Indexer skips other users after a user with an error.
- Fix #7632: DAgent fallback delivery on mail "parsing failed: 0x80004005".
- Fix #7635: Man zarafa-admin is out of date.
- Fix #7637: Companies are not automatically created.
- Fix #7638: Zarafa-license will fail when some old base files are found in
  license directory.
- Fix #7641: Zarafa-admin --copyto-public doesn't work in multi-server
- Fix #7642: Zarafa-msr packaging is wrong.
- Fix #7647: BES and loadsim let the server perform slow.
- Fix #7649: Zarafa-msr failes if no username is provided.
- Fix #7651: HTML to text misses enters to spaces.
- Fix #7658: PR_COUNTER_UNREAD out of range.
- Fix #7663: Mysql deadlock in deferredupdate table.
- Fix #7666: ZarafaAccount attribute is not part of zarafa-contact
- Fix #7669: Outgoingqueue deadlocks in server.
- Fix #7671: Archiver can archive (copy) messages it just stubbed in a
  previous run.
- Fix #7672: Spooler does not process queue after receiving signal 1
- Fix #7675: Zarafa-admin --list-ophans doesn't show additional
- Fix #7678: Sessions not cleaned up properly.
- Fix #7679: Add disclaimer for documentation in legal section.
- Fix #7682: Calendar sync on BES doesn't work with later version after
- Fix #7683: ZCP 7 will see 15: as subject_prefix.
- Fix #7686: Server may hang after TERM signal.
- Fix #7690: Lucene error causes assert in server in debug mode.
- Fix #7697: Indexer can loop on reading empty index file.
- Fix #7700: MROPS and MWOPS do not count streaming operations.
- Fix #7701: ProcessSubmitFlags is called outside the database transaction.
- Fix #4174: Let Zarafa-admin --details always show Mb and not Kb for the
- Fix #6622: IMAP direct delete instead of delete at expunge
- Fix #6830: Outlook will not send unicode attachments
- Fix #7035: Debug option for dagent to save a RFC822 copy of message
- Fix #7061: autoupdater enable verbose logging by default
- Fix #7141: No read receipt sent after clicking ok and error message when
  marking mail read
- Fix #7166: Archiver does not process all messages on first run
- Fix #7185: Zarafa-server crash after SIGUSR1
- Fix #7186: OoO Installer: Displayed in Dutch on Win7 EN
- Fix #7202: Purge softdelete still fails at some customers after 6.40.5
- Fix #7215: Archiver will stop completely when an specific user doesn't
  have a store
- Fix #7217: Saving draft in webaccess and reopening via IMAP will show
  broken unicode characters
- Fix #7219: Zarafa-backup does not continue to next company after failing
- Fix #7224: Rename zarafaexchangeredirector.msi to zarafabesconnector.msi
- Fix #7225: Possible crash in backup tool if junkfolder entryid is missing
- Fix #7230: Archiver reports error when attaching from non-active store
- Fix #7240: Migrator crash selecting logpath
- Fix #7241: Create option in zarafa-admin or other tool to force offline
  resync from server
- Fix #7244: Outlook escapes some characters with & (I'd will become I&'d)
- Fix #7248: Default emailaddress in ADS tab is not visible, when you have
  a long emailaddress
- Fix #7260: Use indexer for all fields in ZCP 7
- Fix #7266: Client side ProeprtyRestrictions invert the LT and GT results
- Fix #7269: Meta ticket: comment changes, file makeup changes, build fixes
- Fix #7271: Webapp debian package does not work out-of-the-box
- Fix #7278: Gateway options in code and default config file out-of-sync
- Fix #7279: Subscription table leak
- Fix #7280: Object subscriptions leak
- Fix #7287: BES does not work with 7
- Fix #7289: Optionally don't migrate RSS folders
- Fix #7290: Migrator only shows stats of last migrated store
- Fix #7293: Email plus headers replicated in the body when using iPhone to
  connect to IMAP gateway
- Fix #7296: Extension on the administrator manual
- Fix #7298: Archiver license implementation
- Fix #7302: Indexer search results are not what is expected
- Fix #7303: ECArchiveAwareMessage may use uninitialized memory
- Fix #7308: Extend logrotate script with audit logging option
- Fix #7309: Counters wrong in outbox
- Fix #7310: IMAP renews messages in sync
- Fix #7317: Hebrew subject too short
- Fix #7318: Segfault in indexer on stubbed message
- Fix #7320: Segfault message unclear and double tracebacks possible
- Fix #7323: Warn user if automatic mapping will be created
- Fix #7339: Attachment of stubbed messages will not be showed in Webaccess
- Fix #7340: Permissions on store for non-active user can't be removed
- Fix #7342: Email to everyone will not be sent.
- Fix #7345: Speed up zarafa-admin --remove-store
- Fix #7347: Meeting requests from exchange 07 or 10 are shown tentative in
  the calendar when accepted
- Fix #7349: Remove storeid from properties table.
- Fix #7351: Indexer doesn't update record on change
- Fix #7352: Make archiver manual more clear with example setups
- Fix #7353: 6 -> 7 Upgrade can break when doing IMAP update
- Fix #7358: Make the client more rubust for out-of-memory situations
- Fix #7376: Zarafa7-upgrade script manual update
- Fix #7379: sendas message hangs in outbox, causing high loads on server.
- Fix #7392: Internal store subscriptions fail on delete
- Fix #7395: MSR bi-directional sync
- Fix #7396: Change message in license.log
- Fix #7404: Item counter increased with a detect on startup profile
  without a server connection
- Fix #7406: Migrator will hang on store migration when migrating EX2007 to
- Fix #7409: Store contains sometimes huges amount of data in root folder,
  because of possible loop
- Fix #7411: Indexer segfault, unknown cause.
- Fix #7413: zarafa-admin --user-count show strange values with community
- Fix #7414: Drop zarafa-cfgchecker from packaging as it's totally not up
  to date
- Fix #7415: Change upgrade warning in server when doing 7.0 upgrade
- Fix #7416: Task percentage set to 0 in cached mode, after updating the
  task in WebAccess
- Fix #7417: Group sorting on strings does not work correctly
- Fix #7423: Possible deadlocks and missing mutex
- Fix #7426: make optimise imap script honour user access imap setting
- Fix #7430: Zarafa7-upgrade fails on Centos 5.5 (RHEL5.5)
- Fix #7432: Reset counters on folder open
- Fix #7435: Segfault in rules
- Fix #7438: Pre-upgrade Messages not Read/Unread after upgrade 7.0.0
- Fix #7443: Blackberry non working after migration
- Fix #7447: Zarafa-dbg package depends on zarafa
- Fix #7451: Unable to open delegate store in Outlook or WebAccess.
- Fix #7452: Indexer died after upgrade to 7.0.0-26551
- Fix #7454: Sessions keep increasing but are not cleaned up
- Fix #7456: Licensed sigsev when stopping the proces
- Fix #7458: Server memleaks during testset
- Fix #7459: Outlook tasks category sorting broken
- Fix #7471: Remove 50% non-active limit, so you can have enough shared
  mailboxes when using the archiver
- Fix #7472: Archiver stops processing store on error
- Fix #7473: OutlookSpy IMAPIFolder button takes a long time to load
- Fix #7476: Zarafa-license dependency on zarafa-python
- Fix #7478: Segfault while creating tnef with unicode string > 8k
- Fix #7482: zarafa.ecf is not removed after update to Zarafa 7
- Fix #2296: Looping possible using forward rules pointing to the same
- Fix #3162: Saving mail in Thunderbird shows in WebAccess or outlook the
  tab "from".
- Fix #4392: Id in users table is limited to 32k records, this will be
  problem for some projects where we are busy with.
- Fix #5932: Z-Push: Newly created items that are send to the server in
  between batched of the initial sync are send back as adds by the server.
- Fix #6085: Wrong bouncemail after sending as without permission.
- Fix #6487: User creation does not trigger store creation (Unicode user
- Fix #6503: Spooler can deadlock. (rare occasion).
- Fix #6505: Zarafa not orphaning stores correctly with DB plugin and
  Hosted mode.
- Fix #6508: Task folder is added as default calendar folder in Ical.
- Fix #6573: Softdelete restore folder is broken.
- Fix #6950: Added more logging.
- Fix #6973: Z-Push: ICS exports immediately a remove after creating
- Fix #6993: Zarafa-admin man page says you can add email address to groups
  with --update-group.
- Fix #6994: Make note that scalix migration can only be done for premium
- Fix #6999: Migrator tool cannot migrate without a csv file.
- Fix #7009: Cannot create a user in company.
- Fix #7021: Add documentation on sync_gab_realtime option.
- Fix #7024: Change the HtmlToText parser which is faster and prevent
  buffer overflows.
- Fix #7026: Indexer segfault 7.0.0 beta 2. (rare occasion).
- Fix #7027: Include optimize-imap.py script in Zarafa-gateway package.
- Fix #7028: Zarafa-indexer still fails in certain cases when
  index_sync_stream is enabled.
- Fix #7030: Mac Ical cannot work with German folder names.
- Fix #7031: Initscripts include some non-existing files.
- Fix #7032: Install.sh contain some non-existing packages.
- Fix #7033: German stores names broken when language is set to de_DE in
- Fix #7037: Zarafa-fsck -u [user name] will segfault on 7.0.
- Fix #7038: Zarafa-server segmentation fault if locale isn't exist.
- Fix #7056: Mail store relocator for 6.40.x. (zarafa-msr in /usr/bin).
- Fix #7058: Upgrading from 6.40.4 to 6.40.5 breaks the rules.(rare
- Fix #7059: Migrator does not migrate attachments data of attachments of
  embedded messages.
- Fix #7063: Add supported password encryption types to documentation.
- Fix #7065: Add_imap_data option is not working when wizard rule is
- Fix #7068: Indexer not used for searches in shared folders.
- Fix #7072: No error given when wrong options are in the admin.cfg.
- Fix #7073: Extend rpm specfile so the user_plugin_path is directly set
- Fix #7075: Segfault Zarafa-admin while running --list-orphans in a multi
  server set-up.
- Fix #7078: Document location of Zarafa Drag&Drop firefox plugin.
- Fix #7079: Segfault Zarafa-indexer 6.40.5. (rare occasion).
- Fix #7098: Message can stay in the outbox with cached mode.
- Fix #7103: Cannot create cached profile if you do not have a server.cfg
- Fix #7109: Documentation about Zarafa-msr is missing that you need to
  install threadpool.
- Fix #7110: Scalix migration fails without a outlook connection to the
  scalix server.
- Fix #7111: Zarafa-msr will not migrate WebAccess settings and out of
  office settings.
- Fix #7114: Zarafa-ical segfault while renaming a folder.
- Fix #7116: WebAccess still uses the old destuber.
- Fix #7119: -w option does not give write access to the archived user.
- Fix #7120: No user name shown when a collision occurs with attaching a
  user to a archive store.
- Fix #7123: Libical can loop on faulty RRULE.
- Fix #7128: Zarafa-server segfault after ldap was down.
- Fix #7131: Allow search_base to be empty, so AD global catalog is
- Fix #7134: Auto updater does not get the version from the server.
- Fix #7139: Install.sh for debian 6.
- Fix #7146: Zarafa-msr has no manpage.
- Fix #7147: Purge options are missing in the man page archiver.cfg.
- Fix #7152: Unable to run Zarafa-msr.
- Fix #7169: Memory usage is too high.
- Fix #7173: Username length check gateway too aggressive.
- Fix #7182: Zarafa.ini not placed in the correct directory.
- Fix #7183: Debian webaccess package unable to correctly upgrade after
  config file rename.
- Fix #7184: LDAP password encryption tags are case insensitive.
- Fix #7201: Zarafa 7.x still supply files in the /etc/default/ directory.
- Fix #7202: Purge softdelete still fails at some customers after 6.40.5
- Fix #6729: Add possibility to search in delegate stores also with
- Fix #6828: Renamed Bes redirector to BES connector.
- Fix #6962: Server segfault when running script from 6.40 client to 7.00
- Fix #6972: Zarafa-indexer does not index attachments when streaming is
- Fix #6981: Czech character is missing in IMAP via Mutt.
- Fix #6988: Dagent will give from time to time bounce emails with mailbox
  status error.
- Fix #6995: Crash in migration tool.
- Fix #6998: Crash migration tool.
- Fix #7007: Error in include configfile gives wrong error on screen.
- Fix #7009: Cannot create a user in multi tendency and db plugin.
- Fix #7010: Public store is not indexed by zarafa-indexer when
  index_sync_stream = no.
- Fix #6497: Adding public calendar over caldav will use users calendar or
  show all public calendars.
- Fix #6373: Additional warnings in documentation for server_socket
  configuration option for gateway and ical.
- Fix #5885: ADS: Mass update users results in error.
- Fix #5878: ADS: unable to send as a contact.
- Fix #6216: ADS: upgrading ADS plugin will not overwrite ZarafaADS.dll.
- Fix #6715: ADS: wrong version is shown, when running the ADS client.
- Fix #6205: All day event from exchange is not seen as all day event in
  Zarafa and visa versa.
- Fix #6316: Apple mail client tries to open empty folder.
- Fix #5907: Appointments made on the IPhone will duplicate after edit in
- Fix #6472: Archiver is unable to resolve user names- error 0x80040700.
- Fix #6339: Archiver log reports unclear information.
- Fix #5983: Archiver shows crash but seems to work OK.
- Fix #6298: Attachment missing when receiving email in outlook.
- Fix #6483: Attachments do not show in WA and Outlook.
- Fix #6023: Attachments received from Exchange with Outlook 200 will
  corrupt PDF..
- Fix #6231: Auto updater broken for builds after 3 June 2010.
- Fix #6169: auto respond script contains non-compliant tests.
- Fix #6660: BES5 cannot view messages from other folders.
- Fix #6508: Task folder is added as default calendar folder in Ical.
- Fix #6829: Build script: Give msgfmt the -f option when compiling
  WebAccess translations.
- Fix #6564: Caldav crash.
- Fix #6333: Caldav does not work with Thunderbird 2. and lighting 0.9.
- Fix #5819: Caldav/delegate: all appointment are shown as private.
- Fix #5943: Caldav: accepting a MR in lightning does not set
  'ResponseStatus' property..
- Fix #6199: Caldav: cannot add attendee to new meeting in ical.app.
- Fix #6739: Caldav: creating a MR in ical.app the attendees are not
  visible after refresh.
- Fix #6807: Caldav: editing a entry in Evolution creates duplicate events.
- Fix #6406: Caldav: libical goes into infinite loop due to appointment
  with abnormal time-zone struct.
- Fix #6327: Caldav: sending meet request external -> error in the log.
- Fix #5923: Caldav: suggestion list not visible in iCal.app..
- Fix #5922: Caldav: unknown value if free/busy can lead to crash.
- Fix #6276: Calendar items are sometimes missing on Blackberry device when
  using bes5.
- Fix #6507: Can delete the task folder via Ical.
- Fix #6514: can edit private appointments on the IPhone/Ipad.
- Fix #6872: Change build scripting to produce windows installers with
  versions in the installer names.
- Fix #6842: Changed the present perfect of 'backup' from 'backuped' to the
  right form: 'backed up'..
- Fix #6123: Creating item in evolution will directly result in unknown
- Fix #6545: DAgent fallback delivery on mail "parsing failed: 0x00040380".
- Fix #5994: DAgent man page suggests using rather user name than e-mail
  address as argument.
- Fix #6467: DAgent not accepting email if sender address starts with a
- Fix #6421: DAgent segfaults when mailing to a group.
- Fix #5948: Debian Zarafa package contains double files.
- Fix #6707: Default French name for task folder is: Tâche this does not
  work in lightning.
- Fix #6138: Delete emails are still found when using the indexer.
- Fix #6834: Documentation update on non-active /active users.
- Fix #6349: double Content-Type header found when downloading ical.
- Fix #6347: Downloading full ical calendar sends HTTP data in body.
- Fix #6449: Email cannot be parsed.
- Fix #6695: Error in Thunderbird after moving e-mail.
- Fix #6358: Error in Thunderbird when deleting newest mail in folder.
- Fix #6468: Exchange user is not shown as accepted in meeting request
  response mail.
- Fix #5935: Extra semicolon in php-ext/main.cpp.
- Fix #6651: Forwarding a signed will result in a bad header error in
- Fix #6268: Gateway does not return '0 EXISTS' in empty folder.
- Fix #6145: Gateway logging slows performance.
- Fix #6251: Gateway returns conversion errors.
- Fix #6089: Gateway segfault and using a lot of memory..
- Fix #6485: Gateway segfaults after uni-code login.
- Fix #5875: Group addresses not parsed properly.
- Fix #6241: Header information wrong when option imap_always_generate =
  yes (Iphone).
- Fix #6318: IDLE doesn't work well with apple mail, and is looping some
- Fix #6704: Index file contain moved items twice.
- Fix #5903: Index service doesn't synchronize all stores.
- Fix #6032: Indexer should not index stubbed messages.
- Fix #5953: Indexer will segfault if you have contacts.
- Fix #6257: Install the IPM.Zarafa.Stub form when the addon is
- Fix #6880: Install.sh breaks on libvmime because of version.
- Fix #6321: Install.sh not working for Ubuntu 10.04.
- Fix #6067: Installer doesn't install indexer or checks if init script is
  available to enable.
- Fix #6116: IPhone: response meeting request is not updated.
- Fix #6346: Libicalmapi has some memleaks in freebusy code.
- Fix #6018: List email headers are missing when retrieving items via imap
- Fix #6178: Mail.app does not open signed emails.
- Fix #6016: Mails with inlined images lose the image after forward with
  mac mail.
- Fix #6239: Mapi_zarafa_get_group_by_name is totally useless.
- Fix #6180: Meeting request send from Outlook will add a R for enter when
  invitation is received via pop3..
- Fix #6891: Memleak in spooler, introduced in [15597].
- Fix #6697: Memleak zarafa-gateway.
- Fix #6591: Missing attachments in thunderbird. (part of image).
- Fix #6235: Missing spaces in the description body of a meeting.
- Fix #6789: Modification error after deleting calendar items in
- Fix #5960: Meeting request of type 3rd Weekend/ 3rd weekday end is
- Fix #6246: Multi Server ADS: ldap_server_address_attribute is set wrong
  in default config.
- Fix #6378: Need feedback after attaching an archive to a user.
- Fix #6070: No attendees shown it scheduling tab (attendee) if recurring
  meeting is accepted by delegate.
- Fix #6325: Opening a task will open a blanco task window..
- Fix #6341: Option --archive-server is not documented in the man-page.
- Fix #6084: Package description updates.
- Fix #6255: PHP XML extension needed when compiling PHP.
- Fix #6352: PHP-ext: apache segfaults when passing limit 0 to
- Fix #6392: Please merge fix [19747] in libvmime for parsing non-RFC
  "Content-Transfer-Encoding: 8-bit".
- Fix #6256: Possible to set out of office on public folder.
- Fix #6526: Readable-index.pl doesn't work correclty with v:3 index files.
- Fix #5908: Received-SPF headers is not available when using IMAP gateway.
- Fix #6053: Recurring apointment that recurs on workdays is shown in
  weekends in Ical.
- Fix #6265: Recurring meeting request that recurs on the first Wednesday
  from exchange will arrive in Zarafa on every thursday.
- Fix #6075: Recurring meeting request that recurs on the first Wednesday
  of every month is receives on every first Tuesday.
- Fix #5822: Recurring meeting requests are seen as single meeting by
- Fix #6165: Recursive restore does not stop on error.
- Fix #6159: Request to change in sysconfig directory for indexer.
- Fix #6222: Restoring PT_UNICODE properties causes bad memory write.
- Fix #5902: RHEL package need to provide php-mapi.
- Fix #5985: Scans mailed directly from the scanner will not show
  attachment in mac mail.
- Fix #6008: Search on email domain doesn't return results when using the
- Fix #6360: Segfault in php mapi_zarafa_setuser call.
- Fix #6532: Segfault in unicode gateway.
- Fix #6765: Segfault zarafa-gateway 7.00.
- Fix #6784: Segfault zarafa-spooler 7.00.
- Fix #5809: Sendas does not work on Zarafa-contacts.
- Fix #6582: Sendas settings are updated after user is removed in ADS.
- Fix #6434: Specifying indexer's index_attachment_parser_max_cputime does
  not always work for parser.
- Fix #6503: Spooler can deadlock.
- Fix #6490: Spooler killed by signal 6 when user sends mail (Unicode).
- Fix #6672: spooler loops with 100% cpu when SMTP server is missing.
- Fix #5992: Spooler looses mail if SMTP server cannot be reached.
- Fix #5812: Spooler segfault when sending to nonexistent group.
- Fix #6114: Sppoler: crash in spooler while sending exceptions MR.
- Fix #6375: Sunbird + caldav doesn't show all entries.
- Fix #6192: Tasks are not marked complete in Mac Mail.
- Fix #6418: The gateway returns an error when the last item is deleted
  from a folder.
- Fix #6033: The indexer can mess up streamed attachments.
- Fix #5860: Time-zone information wrong for DST start/end on anything
  other than 'last sunday of month'.
- Fix #6746: Too Many Clauses error in zarafa-indexer.
- Fix #6233: Trac mail broken on Iphone (via imap).
- Fix #5838: Uninitialized local variable 'sStreamStat' used and
  lpszRawSMTP is NULL.
- Fix #6631: Unix socket is created with wrong permissions.
- Fix #6873: Update launcher crashes.
- Fix #6111: Meeting request responses from iPhone are not tracked.
- Fix #6334: Wrong archiver config file.
- Fix #6314: Zarafa Alias is shown in TO field instead of normal name.
- Fix #5993: Zarafa gateway won't stop after SIGTERM "Waiting for #
  processes to exit".
- Fix #5934: Zarafa plugin buttons.
- Fix #6803: Zarafa to pst migration will not include folder content.
- Fix #5998: Zarafa-admin -d (delete user) wrong explanation.
- Fix #6335: Zarafa-archiver -w option not possible.
- Fix #6630: Zarafa-gateway hostname in greeting.
- Fix #6488: Zarafa-ical segfaults after unicode login from lightning.
- Fix #6890: Zarafa-indexer segfault 7.0.0-24346.
- Fix #6719: Zarafa-server cannot contact license daemon when licensed is
- Fix #6371: Zarafa-spooler tries to send delayed messages continuously.


- Security #5939: Possible to execute shell commands with the WebAccess.
- Security #5938: PHP code execution possible in WebAccess.
- Feature #6015: Download email in .eml format.
- Feature #5697: Option to create task from mail in context menu.
- Feature #6549: Extra configuration option in the WebAccess to force
  Single Sign On to be off or on.
- Feature #5980: Configurable separator for dates. ". , and -" (language
- Feature #6619: Add configuration option to hide "Delete permanently"
  button in Restore items wizard.
- Feature #6185: Add configuration option in WA to disable Public Folder in
  folder list.
- Feature #5710: Make unread time in WebAccess configurable.
- Fix #7008: Entering data with a space in the address details of a contact
  will make it shift up.
- Fix #7104: proposed new time not shown in scheduling tab.
- Fix #7161: Recurrence is reset after editing the series without updating
  the time/date.
- Fix #7251: Webaccess no longer refreshes the message pane.
- Fix #7431: Archive icon switches back to unread while in the folder.
- Fix #7479: Can not add more than 20 attachments in webaccess.
- Fix #7516: Webaccess advanced find does not find categorized items.
- Fix #7562: Unable to edit contact from webaccess when double clicking the
  contact in the GAB.
- Fix #7564: Unable to open specific message in WA using Firefox only.
- Fix #7573: Meeting request not properly deleted by delegate.
- Fix #7590: Forwarding a signed email (sent by outlook) will only show
  original message.
- Fix #7625: Deleting a meeting request as attendee gives error.
- Fix #7633: When changing reading pane in webaccess to bottom inbox is not
  showing mails.
- Fix #7640: When forwarding an email with attachments the attachments are
  not sent.
- Fix #7652: Script error after changing mail format.
- Fix #7665: Rules wizard available on the public folders.
- Fix #7667: Create item in public calendar will duplicate if public
  folders are on the other server.
- Fix #7680: Open email after second search in Advanced find is not
- Fix #5752: Extra added info in meeting request is broken with umlauten in
  Webaccess and Imap intertaction
- Fix #6620: Add option to only send copy of meeting request only to
  delegate and not to me
- Fix #6837: ReplyAll to mail with attachments, will include original
  attachments again
- Fix #6941: Download all attachments with unicode attachments will break
  the file names in the zip.
- Fix #7094: Meeting request is seen as recurrence after accepting a new
  proposed time
- Fix #7099: Removing an attendee in a meeting request does not send an
- Fix #7163: Delegate user is listed as required attendee after accepting a
  meeting on behalf of
- Fix #7193: Extend webaccess with support for groups in Delegate tab
- Fix #7208: Reply on emails with attachments send from Pine will include
- Fix #7214: Cannot mark task request as unread by clicking on icon
- Fix #7229: Settings screen breaks when changing color theme
- Fix #7233: base href is filtered out of webaccess emails with htmlfilter
- Fix #7239: Right click save as eml will cut off long subjects
- Fix #7247: An emailaddress with & is not allowed by webaccess
- Fix #7256: Adding groups in multi user calendar doesn't work at all
- Fix #7265: Reply of emails via Webaccess are always in Courier new
- Fix #7276: Recurring task will only show 9 of the 10 that are set
- Fix #7285: Make Webaccess IE9 compliant
- Fix #7292: using the business button for contact does not save the data
- Fix #7301: Task request details translations are always in english in
- Fix #7312: Member of is not working correct displayed in webaccess
- Fix #7322: Meeting request created in Webaccess are set to SMTP type
  instead of Zarafa
- Fix #7330: Auto select first item when selecting folder / starting
- Fix #7334: Occurences disappear after changing the start and end time
- Fix #7336: Calendar does not load the week/month a subject-less
  appointment is in
- Fix #7343: Unread counter becomes unreadable after reading an email
- Fix #7350: Data:image tag not recognized in webaccess
- Fix #7366: Cancelling two occurrences breaks the startdate (and other
  stuff) from one occurrence.
- Fix #7378: Rename webaccess language item for Portugese
- Fix #7389: Stubbed message should have an alternate icon so people can
  recognise them
- Fix #7401: Tracking status will not be reset after modifying calendar
- Fix #7402: When replying a message, first 2 lines begin with a space in
- Fix #7418: read receipt response missing details
- Fix #7424: Forwarded note with Unicode breaks in WebAccess
- Fix #7436: WebAccess setings missing for users after upgrade
- Fix #7441: List view of notes in webaccess does not show body content
  from pre migration
- Fix #7449: In WebAccess 7.0  webaccess window gets focus on new email
- Fix #7455: Cancel an all day meeting does not ask for updating attendees
- Fix #7462: meeting request busy status is changed for the organizer,
  after the attendee accepts the meeting
- Fix #4345: Language doesn't change.
- Fix #6837: ReplyAll to mail with attachments, will include original
  attachments again.
- Fix #6877: Set resource type automatically when sending a meeting request
  using WebAccess.
- Fix #6882: No error message when invalid date is set in Tasks.
- Fix #6969: Time input boxes should have better checking for valid dates.
- Fix #6990: Previous e-mail body lost in outlook when replying via
- Fix #7001: Owner field in quick-create-task bar isn't cleared onFocus.
- Fix #7022: Meeting request occurrence can be changed by an attendee
  without permission from the organizer.
- Fix #7025: Creating a multiday appointment in workweek view (WA) -> one
  day short.
- Fix #7051: Sorting on categorie will not show any message.
- Fix #7055: Meeting request is shown as not current after accepting a new
  time proposal.
- Fix #7087: Make column order in WebAccess address book different, so it's
  more user friendly.
- Fix #7088: Copy item to the same folder via copy/move button does not
- Fix #7125: Close button in upload dialog is often outside the dialog.
- Fix #5962: Dropdown box Zoom in MUC now works in Safari and Chrome.
- Fix #6977: Opening cancellation message does not update appointment.
- Fix #6992: Using the edit as new option in your Sent Items twice does not
- Fix #6905: "Remove from calendar" does not work if done from inbox
- Fix #6223: Accept/view proposal in propose new time message will
  pop-under the meeting window.
- Fix #6567: Accepting a new time proposal will create a new start and end
- Fix #6603: Accepting meeting request sent to yourself will not remove the
  invitation message.
- Fix #6646: Accepting task request is not increasing new task counter.
- Fix #6249: Address details are shown as undefined op IPhone.
- Fix #5682: After setting flag and moving to other mail and hit delete
  will delete the flagged message.
- Fix #6061: All day appointment from yesterday is shown on today in Today
- Fix #6383: All day event disappears when you change the busy type.
- Fix #5865: All day appointment is displayed in today view a week early.
- Fix #6071: Alt+S does not send the message in windows machines.
- Fix #6345: Assign task button available in assigned task but does
- Fix #6099: Attachment not opening correctly in the WebAccess when it is
  in an attached email.
- Fix #6431: Attachment not shown for attendee when it is added to a
- Fix #6372: Attendee not saved in meeting requests.
- Fix #6588: Backslashes are discarded when sending plain-text body.
- Fix #6348: Bad HTML style can break on reply.
- Fix #6530: Birthday appointment has wrong syntax format in some
- Fix #5768: Birthday appointment is not created from contact.
- Fix #6429: Body broken in reply/forward.
- Fix #5776: Broken auto-hyper linking in viewing plain text mail in WA.
- Fix #6397: Possible to make appointment out of sync when a combination of
  Caldav and the WebAccess is used.
- Fix #6629: Calendar item not visible after switching calendar views.
- Fix #5741: Can add user twice in Multi User Calendar groups.
- Fix #5769: Can add yourself to a meeting request making the appointment a
  attendee appointment.
- Fix #6359: Can create all day appointments by drag and drop the end date
  in the past.
- Fix #6105: Can send meeting request "on behalf of" with read only rights
  but it is not save to the shared calendar.
- Fix #6332: Can drag and drop mails in you root folder.
- Fix #6366: Can mark assigned task complete via quick edit as assigner.
- Fix #5891: Can not search in the sent items folder.
- Fix #5723: Can not send mail when "Close original message" option is on.
- Fix #6861: Can view private items with secretary permissions.
- Fix #6068: Cannot add Zarafa contacts without login name (from ADS) to
  recipients in WebAccess.
- Fix #6275: Cannot cancel meeting with resource.
- Fix #6839: Cannot click on the arrow for the drop-down box in search
  (script error).
- Fix #5817: Cannot create a 0 minute appointment.
- Fix #6266: Cannot log in to WebAccess because of Drag and drop code.
- Fix #5952: Cannot open shared store with full name.
- Fix #6838: Cannot open task request message with preview pane off or
  bottom view.
- Fix #6293: Cannot save task.
- Fix #5782: Cannot select subject text in reading pane in WA.
- Fix #6285: Cannot use date-picker in task.
- Fix #5747: Cannot walk over mails (with arrow keys) when clicked inside a
  mail and back.
- Fix #6450: Changing a occurrence to a all day event will set reminder to
  18 hours (thus before the a earlier occurrence).
- Fix #6537: Changing appointment length deletes appointment.
- Fix #5787: Check name does not resolve contact in a appointment.
- Fix #5942: Check names does not work in meeting request.
- Fix #6754: Close button falls outside attachment dialogue Internet
  Explorer 7.
- Fix #5764: Column sizes are incorrect.
- Fix #5799: Compose mail pop-up loses focus on new mail notification in
  main window.
- Fix #6548: Configuration option in the  WebAccess to disable html filter.
  (in the config.php).
- Fix #5901: Content of mail only shown in Outlook not in the WebAccess.
- Fix #6633: Convert Email to task breaks on umlauts in subject and owner
- Fix #5825: Counter not visible when delegate opens inbox.
- Fix #6529: Creating a recurrent appointment in WA will always trigger the
  zarafa-fsck with missing property.
- Fix #5627: Creating an appointment on 28th of March will result in an
  appointment on 28th and 29th of March.
- Fix #5652: Cursor does not start on To field when forwarding a message in
  Internet Explorer 8.
- Fix #6340: Decline task request does not remove the task request from you
- Fix #6477: Delegate store WebAccess results in blank page.
- Fix #6044: Delete email causes sub-folders in deleted folders to expand.
- Fix #6054: Deleting a meeting request will not result in question to send
  cancellation to organiser.
- Fix #6342: Deleting a task as assignee will result in a unknown item in
  you task list.
- Fix #6448: Deleting all day meeting request will not ask to update
- Fix #5842: Distribution lists with members which are not in the contacts
  can't be emailed from the WebAccess.
- Fix #6259: Double click in multi user calendar on a day will take date of
- Fix #6787: Download attachment with uni-code name from meeting request
  will result in garbled file name.
- Fix #6131: Drag and drop as attendee does move the meeting but not notify
  the organizer.
- Fix #5815: Drag and drop contacts from public folder is not a copy.
- Fix #5898: Drag and drop mail to favourite folder will make the favourite
  folder disappear.
- Fix #6414: Drag/drop of meeting request or response generates new email.
- Fix #6343: Due date in the past pop-up> Cancel does just continue.
- Fix #6783: Email selection is not correct after an email is deleted.
- Fix #6557: Extra info Short keys help.
- Fix #5883: Field chooser empty.
- Fix #5650: File as from outlook is not shown in the contact edit window
- Fix #5653: First enter is done twice in Internet Explorer 8 with auto
- Fix #6556: Focus not on folder name when creating new folder.
- Fix #6555: Focus on body when creating a new note.
- Fix #5639: Folder tree expand is confused.
- Fix #6175: Forward a mail with attachment will break the attachment.
- Fix #6613: Forwarding email on behalf of will not contain attachment if
  (auto) saved as draft before sending.
- Fix #5824: Forwarding mails with "MS Words" will shown empty body.
- Fix #6600: Free busy of first appointment is shown when opening series of
- Fix #6760: Free/busy status in resource is not updated after cancelling
- Fix #6547: From and to fields in Advanced Search windows.
- Fix #5823: From field shows up(in new mail) when changing a setting.
  (without having from addresses set).
- Fix #6457: Html mail is not shown due error in html filter.
- Fix #5870: Html tag in subject will alter body.
- Fix #6190: Ical response message not ok in WebAccess..
- Fix #6310: Icons response message different if response is from Outlook
  or the WebAccess.
- Fix #6732: Internet Explorer 8 cannot open signed mails in the preview
- Fix #5871: Incorrect appointments are shown in the WebAccess.
- Fix #5756: Invite attendee's from list results in two users.
- Fix #6492: Iphone reminder: On date of event does not set the 0 minute
  reminder in WebAccess.
- Fix #6442: Issue language files if creating Zarafa from source.
- Fix #6128: Large location name will go out of the appointment box.
- Fix #6589: Limit the TO field in print view of email always to 1 line.
- Fix #5748: Make typing time more user friendly.
- Fix #6638: Meeting request delegation in WebAccess does not work correct
  (like Outlook).
- Fix #6645: Meeting request invitation mail is shown as: not yet
- Fix #6438: Meeting request is changed to appointment after cancelling the
  'cancel invitation' option.
- Fix #6758: Meetings with resource will not ask to send update when
  deleting in the calendar (delete key, right click or x in menu bar).
- Fix #5882: Merge the latest langadmin .po files into trunk
- Fix #5913: Message sent in WebAccess will give reminder in Outlook..
- Fix #6596: Message with read receipt keeps asking to send a response.
- Fix #5866: Modifying contact in the WebAccess will reverse the 'file as'.
- Fix #6073: Move mail without destination folder selected will make mail
- Fix #5699: In the Multi User Calendar created appointment in delegate
  calendar will ignore date changes.
- Fix #6904: Multiple meeting update messages are not marked 'Not Current'
  in delegates inbox.
- Fix #6734: Multi-upload gives script error in Internet Explorer 7.
- Fix #6020: New folder via New menu will not create new folder.
- Fix #6575: New items not visible when inbox has focus.
- Fix #6050: New>appointment will not take the day you are on in the date
  picker or selected time in calendar.
- Fix #5877: 'Next month' button in date picker is unusable in Internet
  Explorer 8. It moves when moving the mouse over it.
- Fix #6608: No error message when proposing a new time for an occurrence
  on an occupied day.
- Fix #6363: Not all info filled in in task assign message.
- Fix #6309: Ok button Global Address Book does nothing.
- Fix #5721: Opening a recurring meeting in Internet Explorer 8 will open
  them behind the current window.
- Fix #6585: Opening old response mail updates occurrence.
- Fix #6797: Option to disable multi flash upload (in the config.php).
- Fix #5862: Order rules is not honoured. (Added the stop processing rules
- Fix #5844: Page title does not match page loaded when using short cuts.
- Fix #6534: Private Calendar Item not respected in list-view in WebAccess.
- Fix #5611: Propose new time does not remove message from inbox.
- Fix #6039: Propose new time for a occurrence gives message that the
  meeting is removed.
- Fix #5719: Propose new time from appointment does not close window but
  does send message..
- Fix #6213: Propose new time in the proposal message does not function on
  a occurrence.
- Fix #5861: Propose new time of a occurrence does not work in outlook.
- Fix #5661: Propose new time response message does not contain
  accept/decline button.
- Fix #5720: Propose new time will duplicate after accepting the update.
- Fix #6368: Recurrent pattern box in the task is a little oversized.
- Fix #6240: Recurrence parsing wrong when attendee has changed.
- Fix #6370: Recurrent task request has no indication that it is recurring.
- Fix #6662: Recurring meetings one hour early between 25 October and 31
- Fix #6087: Reminder for all day events is 15 minutes.
- Fix #6277: Reminder will come on old time when appointment is moved.
- Fix #6811: Reminders come sometimes on strange times (way in the past,
  due not dismissed reminders).
- Fix #6637: Remove an accepted meeting request without sending an update
  can't be done.
- Fix #6173: Remove pass by reference in fore ach loop.
- Fix #6731: Remove recurrent item dialogue contains two vague bullet.
- Fix #6049: Remove recurrent pattern in the WebAccess which do not remove
  mapi property "Type recurrence".
- Fix #5671: Removing auto signature moves cursor to bottom of message.
- Fix #6509: Reply on a email with email attached will include the attached
- Fix #5974: Reply to all an email from Sent Items folder which is sendas
  another account results in empty To address.
- Fix #5641: Reply to all on email send to group is not working.
- Fix #5688: Reply/forward should use normalized subject.
- Fix #5955: Resend and edit already sent emails.
- Fix #6313: Response buttons come on scheduling tab if meeting request is
  made in shared calendar.
- Fix #5770: Response mail does not update the response in appointment if
  opened by delegate.
- Fix #5783: Right click>Choose in Global address book does nothing.
- Fix #6092: Rows change height on overflow.
- Fix #5855: Rules do not work on groups with high character.
- Fix #5999: Save draft in outlook with a incorrect email address. Open
  draft in the WebAccess will give error.
- Fix #5757: Schedule tab breaks typed attendees.
- Fix #6587: Scheduling tab is blank when inviting a external contact.
- Fix #5925: Script error when clicking on expand folder [+] when creating
  new folder.
- Fix #5779: Scroll week or months in the calender is annoying.
- Fix #6581: Search combo does not drop down in Chrome/Safari.
- Fix #5970: Search speed in the WebAccess not as expected.
- Fix #5846: Selection of email lost after arrival of new mail.
- Fix #6137: Send mail button does not work if contact is made and Full
  name button is used to fill the full name.
- Fix #6319: Sending mails to groups fails in WebAccess.
- Fix #6552: Set focus on subject when creating new calendar item in the
- Fix #6344: Setting a task to complete will not send completion message.
- Fix #6369: Setting due date of task request on today will give pop-up due
  date is in the past.
- Fix #6808: Setting to enable/disable multi-upload feature.
- Fix #6506: Signature drops down two lines in new mail on the first enter
  done in the body.
- Fix #5766: Sorting via columns in distribution list will duplicate the
- Fix #6736: Space for the new flash upload text is not enough for all
- Fix #6322: Strange bar shown behind email address and attachments.
- Fix #6866: Subject field is cut off way to early.
- Fix #5806: Subject of task partially lost on quick edit in WebAccess.
- Fix #5788: Switching to scheduling tab and back to appointment tab give
  organizer functions to attendee.
- Fix #6484: Switching weeks in you calendar with arrow top right will show
  empty calendar if you have all day event.
- Fix #6476: Task can be set to 'in progress' and still be seen as 100%
- Fix #5804: Task request in the WebAccess only readable in Reading Pane,
  not in pop-up.
- Fix #6665: Task request messages remains unread if read in preview pane.
- Fix #6365: Task request response messages are not marked read after
  reading them.
- Fix #6777: Task request with attachment can not open attachment.
- Fix #6302: Task start date will change due date.
- Fix #6041 : Email does not show body in the WebAccess.
- Fix #6148: Time zone will create a one hour difference if you change
  appointment to recurring (BRT -3)..
- Fix #6063: TO field not in print.
- Fix #5811: Today view WebAccess does not work when a folder (inbox)
  contains a high Character.
- Fix #6664: Translate HTTP Error Message.
- Fix #5847: Trunk with version 7 gives mapi error in the WebAccess.
- Fix #6430: Unable to edit draft.
- Fix #6601: Unable to enlarge a recurrence meeting request.
- Fix #5722: Uncheck the All day check box will take time 00:00 to 00:00
  and is not shown in calendar.
- Fix #6286: Upload multiple attachments can be interrupted by closing
  attachment window.
- Fix #5792: View all proposals does not show current time correctly.
- Fix #6444: View all proposals does not work as delegate.
- Fix #5816: Propose new time for an occurrence breaks recipients in
  organizer's meeting item.
- Fix #6671: Contact birthday: You must specify a valid date (if a date
  prior 1990 was given).
- Fix #6120: Delegates window scroll bar is shown when not needed and to
- Fix #5715: Not able to select a note.
- Fix #5717: Start of workday does not work with 1/2 hours.
- Fix #6153: Accepting new time proposal creates a different time.
- Fix #5828: After changing in the WebAccess you cannot accept an
  occurrence in Outlook.
- Fix #6242: After Using Send/receive button the first message is not
- Fix #5967: All day event disappeared in day view.
- Fix #5777: All day events broken.
- Fix #6518: Allow mail dialogue to be opened directly after login.
- Fix #6134: Appointment is shown as meeting request after sending an empty
  'TO field'.
- Fix #6541: Attendee lost in occurrence.
- Fix #5734: Auto complete/ suggestions go wrong when making meeting
- Fix #6171: Calendar not refreshed after drag and drop an appointment.
- Fix #5991: Calendar week/month view does not create new appointment on
  double click.
- Fix #5856: Cannot create new sub-folders.
- Fix #6083: Cannot delete occurrence.
- Fix #5622: Cannot respond to meeting requests.
- Fix #5944: Create Appointment, change end time, change start time,
  corrupt end time.
- Fix #6030: Creating a recurrence, non-editable space is added.
- Fix #5805: Declining occurrence shows time as 'nan:nan'.
- Fix #6699: Delete delegated meeting request asks for series or occurrence
- Fix #6086: Deleting a multi day appointment will disappear completely
  after a refresh.
- Fix #5892: Deleting items takes longer when using the context menu..
- Fix #5852: Deleting MR with attendee will ask for an update.
- Fix #6197: Dhtml is undefined when opening a dialogue.
- Fix #6539: Disabling Out of Office discards the set Out of Office
- Fix #6118: Does not update response of MR accepted from lightning..
- Fix #6423: Dots show up when opening dialogue for recurring appointment.
- Fix #6394: Double recipient (with out semicolon) breaks update (after new
  time proposal) by organizer.
- Fix #6540: Drag email to task button loses email.
- Fix #5951: Exception on recurring appointment, send meeting request,
  response not processed.
- Fix #6806: Flash Multi-upload has a typographical error in an error
- Fix #6196: Folder tree in rules is not shown as expanded.
- Fix #6000: Forwarding quotes the original message (like with reply).
- Fix #6027: Free/busy not updated correctly.
- Fix #6410: High characters broken in meeting request response mail.
- Fix #5759: If using the French language, menu actions with right click
  will go out of context.
- Fix #5981: In-lining an image will leave a semicolon behind.
- Fix #6578: Items can be moved to root folder.
- Fix #6154: JS-error when opening a dialogue.
- Fix #6486: Login only after +/- 8 attempts (Unicode).
- Fix #6568: Mailto links in header broken.
- Fix #6107: MAPI mapping for 'department' is incorrect.
- Fix #5761: Meeting request 'don't send a response' option still sends a
- Fix #5725: Meeting request is shown as conflict when it is not.
- Fix #6480: Meeting request items are not opened in a readmail dialogue
  from inbox folder.
- Fix #5767: Meeting request: In scheduling tab, user isn't automatically
  shown as required attendee.
- Fix #6743: Meeting request containing Korean/Hebrew attachment can not be
- Fix #6853: Meeting request with resource doesn't set location field with
- Fix #5853: Multiple email addresses in 'TO field' after deleting meeting
- Fix #6542: Multi-select in Advanced Find dialogue not possible.
- Fix #6595: New appointment is always set to 'today'. when double click in
  calendar to create it.
- Fix #6882: No error message when invalid date is set in Tasks.
- Fix #5890: Organizer is shown as required attendee in meeting request.
- Fix #6060: Possible to duplicate categories in distribution list.
- Fix #6097: Possible to propose new time for recurrence meeting request.
- Fix #5790: propose new time is shown as 'imput screen'.
- Fix #6892: Propose new time message holds original time.
- Fix #5738: Propose new time sent old time.
- Fix #6057: Recurrence is not removed after removing recurrence button.
- Fix #5737: Recurrence meeting request icon is missing in deleted items.
- Fix #5771: Recurrence meeting request shows time of previous changed
- Fix #6038: Recurrence start date uses today's date instead of the given
- Fix #6845: Right mouse click in the Global addressbok triggers JS error..
- Fix #6869: Search doesn't show sub-folders checkbox when inbox is not
- Fix #6559: Selecting an item will produce lots of error messages.
- Fix #6166: Semicolon missing after updating a meeting request.
- Fix #5888: Send mail to local contact doesn't show email address.
- Fix #5739: Set property 'PidLidStartRecurrenceTime' for exception meeting
- Fix #5864: Shared inbox doesn't show bold number when new mail is
- Fix #5830: Suggestion list does not add new emails in history when
  sending a meeting request.
- Fix #6206: Switching from scheduling tab to appointment tab in meeting
  request will give the organiser attendee functions.
- Fix #6034: Two recurring whole day occurrences cannot be next to each
- Fix #6351: TO and CC header does not size up to three lines.
- Fix #5673: Typographical error in meeting request class.
- Fix #6232: Typographical error and a little weird sentence.
- Fix #6644: Unable to accept/decline task request when it contains an
- Fix #6211: Unable to close shared folders.
- Fix #6194: Unable to create a new email.
- Fix #6195: Unable to create new appointments.
- Fix #6456: Unable to drag distribution lists to a public folder.
- Fix #5839: Unable to edit task inline after adding a task through the
  quick-add bar.
- Fix #6396: Unable to open WebAccess folders in Internet Explorer 6.
- Fix #6562: Unable to send a mail using shortkey ALT + S.
- Fix #6106: Unnecessary IF-statement in createmailitemmodule.
- Fix #5850: When recurring appointment end time is set to 0:00, start time
  is changing to 23:30.
- Fix #5746: Zero duration appointment is not visible in month , 7week and
  one day view.
- Fix #5857: Want to reply on two email, but the reply wants to open in the
  same dialogue.
- Fix #6639: WebAccess adds escaping character opening email-address with
  full name between quotes.
- Fix #6670: When deleting a appointment the pop-up notify attendees does
  not cancel action on cancel.
- Fix #6043: When using the keyboard arrows to walk through your task the
  folder list scrollbar will also move.
- Fix #6747: Private items not respected in list view..
- Fix #6136: Zarafa-WebAccess pasting from word causes defect.

You should be able to update to Zarafa 7.0.0 by using something like:

  yum update --enablerepo=updates-testing 'zarafa*'

on all Fedora releases and for Fedora EPEL you should use the following:

  yum update --enablerepo=epel-testing 'zarafa*'

After testing, please add positive or negative karma to the Zarafa packages
in Bodhi:


And if you should find bugs or issues, please fill a bug report in Red Hat
Bugzilla as described here:


Your feedback is very much appreciated.


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