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python-argparse changing license

I've just pushed python-argparse-1.2.1 to EPEL5 and EPEL6.  This should be
a backwards compatible change.  It does, however, change licensing from
Apache-2.0 to Python.  Python license is more permissive than Apache license
and is GPLv2 compatible (where Apache is not) so this shouldn't cause anyone
problems.  If you had a GPLv2+ program that had to be distributed as GPLv3+
because it used python-argparse on EPEL-5 and EPEL-6 you can re-evaluate
the licensing situation now.

Note, this update isn't shipped in Fedora 14+ as argparse is part of
python-2.7's stdlib.  The stdlib is already licensed under the Python
license so this is just making the licensing situation more consistent
across our supported releases.


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