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Clamav + amavisd-new

I see you re-submitted the EPEL6 clamav update without any changes after
bodhi unpushed it after me giving it negative karma. The change breaks
amavisd-new on RHEL5 (so you´ve not provided an EPEL5 version), and
it means the fedora-14 amavisd-new can´t be used as-is on EPEL6. 


It seems strange to me to suddenly change the packaging for EPEL
compared to current EPEL4/5, and also compared to Fedora. Why this
change for EPEL and not for the packages your´ve created for Fedora-14/15 ?


Shouldn´t they all change to the new format (and amavisd-new fixed to work with 
the new clamav-packaging), or none.. ?


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