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Re: Clamav-status Was: Re: Meeting summary/minutes from today's EPEL sig meeting (2011-03-14)

On Tue, 15 Mar 2011 15:34:04 +0100
Jan-Frode Myklebust <janfrode tanso net> wrote:

First let me say thanks for taking this on. ;) 

> OK, so now we have a working clamav for RHEL5/6 (I have no RHEL4
> systems to test on), 

I have a centos4 virt instance here you are welcome to use for testing. 
ping me on irc (nick: nirik) to get access to it. 

> but I'm not 100% satisfied with it.. Issues when
> upgrading from clamav-0.95 on RHEL5:
>   1 - /etc/freshclam.conf created as /etc/freshclam.conf.rpmnew
>   2 - /etc/sysconfig/freshclam saved
> as /etc/sysconfig/freshclam.rpmsave 3 - /etc/cron.d/clamav-update
> saved as /etc/cron.d/clamav-update.rpmsave Not much effect to rename
> a file under cron.d, will still be active. But this is probably part
> of the old packages' uninstall, so I don't know if new packaging can
> fix it.

Yeah, I am not sure there is any easy way to fix those other than
announcing the change loud and being ready to tell people to fix it. ;( 

>   4 - Some files below /var/lib/clamav/ are still owned by old
> clamav-user after the upgrade, so freshclam is unable to write to
> these. Problem at least for mirrors.dat.

Perhaps we could do a %post that chowns them? Or a %pre that rm's them? 

>   5 - clamd service is enabled by default, I don't think it should be.
>       Not sure how to avoid it..

Modify the init script... 

>   6 - Some minor milter issues. I fixed the broken options, but didn't
>       touch the already installed clamav-milter.conf with wrong
> username.
> 	https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=579370#c13
> Not sure which needs to be fixed, and which can be manually handled on
> upgrades. I'm pushing clamav-0.97-9 to testing in bodhi now...



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