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Re: puppet-2.6.6 headed to testing, minor license change included

Jan-Frode Myklebust wrote:
> There doesn't seem to be any EL4 builds. Is that intentional ?

It is.  EL-4 is very old and I don't plan to push updates there at
this stage.  It seems to me that folks on EL-4 are likely not
interested in staying on the more bleeding edge of things, so
puppet-0.25.5 should work fine for the remainder of EL-4's short life.
Other than folks that are using it as their puppetmasters with clients
on newer Fedora or EL releases, this shouldn't pose much of a problem.

For anyone that really wants EL-4 builds, they can rebuild the
packages or use the ones in my fedorapeople.org repo.

If this seems wrong, I'm open to hearing why.  But note that I don't
use EL-4 anywhere myself, so I'm reluctant to try and support it.

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