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Re: Request: add kdiff3 to EPEL-6

On 3 May 2011 09:53, Ferry Huberts <mailings hupie com> wrote:
> i did file it against rhel because they included git in rhel and kdiff3 is
> the default difftool for git.

And on the assumption that you're a Red Hat paying customer, filing an
RFE for a package you'd like to see included in RHEL is fine, although
I personally suggest you use the customer portal so they know it's
coming from a customer...

Which is a vague translation of what the automated message has said ;)

If you want it added to EPEL for v6, file a bug against the EPEL
package, it looks like the owner just hasn't had chance to rebuild for
RHEL6.  There's a number of EPEL maintainers who are primarily CentOS
based, not RHEL based, and some of them aren't building packages yet
because they

a) can't use them
b) don't need them
c) can't test them
d) any/all of the above.


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