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Proposal: LTSP needs alternative thin client-only kernel for EPEL6

Hi folks,

I'm currently working on putting LTSP into EPEL6 as it would be a compelling long-term supported platform. Currently it seems that I will be able to put all of the LTSP stack into EPEL6 with the exception of one package.

I will need to build an alternative "ltsp-client-kernel" package which contains a minimally stripped down kernel only for LTSP clients. It must be small for embedded devices, and built with different options because the standard EL6 kernel disabled some stuff we need like nbd.ko. The thin clients would work great with this kernel combined with standard EL6 + EPEL6 userspace packages.

Maintenance would be reasonable because its source must only be kept in sync with the EL6 kernel source. The ltsp-client-kernel package would be made in such a way that it will not be pulled in by deps of non-LTSP packages, so other users will not notice its existence at all. Furthermore, it will not auto-build a /boot/initramfs-* image and add itself to grub.conf like a standard kernel, because that is not how thin client embedded kernels are handled with LTSP.

Any objections? I will not be able to ship LTSP in EPEL without this package.

Warren Togami
warren togami com

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