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Fedora EPEL 6 updates-testing report

The following Fedora EPEL 6 Security updates need testing:


The following builds have been pushed to Fedora EPEL 6 updates-testing


Details about builds:

 eclipse-veditor-0.7.1-1.el6 (FEDORA-EPEL-2011-3449)
 Eclipse-based Verilog/VHDL plugin
Update Information:

New upstream release 0.7.1

 lshell-0.9.14-2.el6 (FEDORA-EPEL-2011-3452)
 Python-based limited Shell
Update Information:

lshell provides a limited shell configured per user. The configuration
is done quite simply using a configuration file.


 lzop-1.02-0.9.rc1.el6 (FEDORA-EPEL-2011-3448)
 Real-time file compressor
Update Information:

lzop is a compression utility which is designed to be a companion to gzip. It is based on the LZO library and its main advantages over gzip are much higher compression and decompression speed at the cost of compression ratio.

lzop was designed with reliability, speed, portibility and as a reasonable drop-in compatiblity to gzip.

  [ 1 ] Bug #699297 - Branching of lzop for EPEL 6 (because RHEL 6 only covers x86_64)

 zarafa-6.40.8-1.el6 (FEDORA-EPEL-2011-3447)
 Open Source Edition of the Zarafa Collaboration Platform
Update Information:

Changelog 6.40.8 final [27223]


- Feature #6980: Public store support for Mail store relocator.
- Feature #7241: Option in zarafa-admin or other tool to force offline resync from server.
- Feature #7101: $Forward flag support for IMAP.
- Improvement #7345: Speed up zarafa-admin --remove-store.
- Fix #7608: Moving stubbed message makes it impossible to destub
- Fix #7505: Review install script for addition of audit.log.
- Fix #2296: Looping possible using forward rules.
- Fix #5370: ABchanges SQL error.
- Fix #6117: Company names with slash in it will break the zarafa-backup tool in multicompany mode.
- Fix #6203: Opening meeting request in ical will make it a not current meeting in WebAccess and Outlook.
- Fix #6505: Zarafa not orphaning stores correctly with DB plugin and Hosted mode.
- Fix #6508: Task folder is added as default calendar folder in Ical.
- Fix #7021: Add documentation on sync_gab_realtime option.
- Fix #7023: Full-restore.sh breaks when restoring a backup with a space in the username.
- Fix #7062: Unable to delete appointment.
- Fix #7073: Extend rpm specfile so the user_plugin_path is directly set correct.
- Fix #7105: Copy of sent email with sendas permissions doesn't contain behalf of line.
- Fix #7147: Purge options are missing in the man page archiver.cfg.
- Fix #7166: Archiver does not process all messages on first run.
- Fix #7183: Debian webaccess package unable to correctly upgrade after config file rename.
- Fix #7184: LDAP password encryption tags are case insensitive.
- Fix #7219: zarafa-backup does not continue with next company after failing.
- Fix #7225: Possible crash in backup tool if junkfolder entryid is missing.
- Fix #7230: Archiver reports error when attaching from non-active store.
- Fix #7248: Default emailaddress in ADS tab is not visible, when you have a long emailaddress.
- Fix #7249: Archiver ssl key and log file.
- Fix #7254: Possible segfault when mysql connect failed.
- Fix #7255: Ldap-switch-send-as.pl breaks in certain situations.
- Fix #7261: Only use indexer on mail folder for ZCP 6.40.
- Fix #7266: Client side PropertyRestrictions invert the LT and GT results.
- Fix #7296: Extension on the administrator manual.
- Fix #7298: Archiver license implementation.
- Fix #7302: Indexer search results are not what is expected.
- Fix #7303: ECArchiveAwareMessage may use uninitialized memory.
- Fix #7305: Ical put command leaks memory.
- Fix #7306: Free/busy publishing leaks memory.
- Fix #7310: IMAP renews messages in sync.
- Fix #7318: Segfault in indexer on stubbed message.
- Fix #7320: Segfault message unclear and double tracebacks possible.
- Fix #7339: Attachment of stubbed messages will not be showed in Webaccess.
- Fix #7340: Permissions on store for non-active user can't be removed.
- Fix #7351: Indexer doesn't update record on change.
- Fix #7352: Make archiver manual more clear with example setups.
- Fix #7360: Segfault in zarafa-server by MSR.
- Fix #7374: Server segfault during unittest.
- Fix #7379: Sendas message hangs in outbox, causing high loads on server.
- Fix #7382: Zarafa-server sefault with 6.40.5.
- Fix #7386: Create Windows installers that update first before uninstalling.
- Fix #7388: The indexer doesn't search case-sensitive.
- Fix #7423: Possible deadlocks and missing mutex.
- Fix #7454: Sessions keep increasing but are not cleaned up.
- Fix #7468: Indexing stores with non-indexable attachments takes ages before it's finished.
- Fix #7471: Remove 50% non-active limit, so you can have enough shared mailboxes when using the archiver.
- Fix #7472: Archiver stops processing store on error.
- Fix #7476: Zarafa-license dependency on zarafa-python.
- Fix #7508: Installation script does not support Debian 6.
- Fix #7515: Add Provides: php-mapi = %{version}-%{release} to 6.40.
- Fix #7522: Message is not elegible for stubbing, while it is.
- Fix #7531: Zarafa-msr segfaults with python 2.4.2 (6.40.7) (source-server -> destination server).
- Fix #7532: Zarafa-msr python errors with python 2.4.2 (6.40.7) (destination server -> source server).
- Fix #7539: 6.40 zarafa-licensed doesn't accept 6.40(or 7) license.
- Fix #7545: SQL error every hour in serverlog.
- Fix #7549: Warning in debug.txt (log) when creating a new appointment in the WebAccess.
- Fix #7550: Doing SetProps(GetProps()) on the public store will write the client site generated PR_IPM_SUBTREE_ENTRYID in the database.
- Fix #7409: Store contains sometimes huges amount of data in root folder, because of possible loop.


- Fix #7625: Dleting a meeting request as attendee gives error.
- Fix #5752: Extra added info in meeting request is broken with umlauten in WebAccess and Imap intertaction.
- Fix #6096: Organizer wrong in Muc with Secretary rights.
- Fix #6877: Set resource type automatically when sending a meeting request using WebAccess.
- Fix #6882: No error message when invalid date is set in Tasks.
- Fix #6969: Time input boxes should have better checking for valid dates.
- Fix #6977: Opening cancellation message does not update appointment.
- Fix #6990: Previous e-mail body lost in outlook when replying via webaccess.
- Fix #7025: Creating a multiday appointment in workweek view -> one day short.
- Fix #7099: Removing an attendee in a meeting request does not send an update.
- Fix #7125: Close button in upload dialog is often outside the dialog.
- Fix #7135: When you remove the display name of a contact and save it it will delete the email address.
- Fix #7136: Right click> Add to contacts does not set the display name field by default.
- Fix #7163: Delegate user is listed as required attendee after accepting a meeting on behalf of.
- Fix #7187: Setting language in webaccess works partially.
- Fix #7193: Extend webaccess with support for groups in Delegate tab.
- Fix #7208: Reply on emails with attachments send from Pine will include attachment.
- Fix #7214: Cannot mark task request as unread by clicking on icon.
- Fix #7228: Unable to accept meeting request as delegate when delegate is the organizer.
- Fix #7229: Settings screen breaks when changing color theme.
- Fix #7265: Reply of emails via Webaccess are always in Courier new.
- Fix #7285: Make WA IE9 compliant.
- Fix #7301: Task request details translations are always in english in webaccess.
- Fix #7312: Member of is not working correct displayed in webaccess.
- Fix #7322: Meeting request created in Webaccess are set to SMTP type instead of Zarafa.
- Fix #7330: Auto select first item when selecting folder / starting WA.
- Fix #7335: Using the phone number button (home/business/mobile) for contact does not show the data correctly.
- Fix #7336: Calendar does not load the week/month a subject-less appointment is in.
- Fix #7343: Unread counter becomes unreadable after reading an email.
- Fix #7350: Data:image tag not recognized in webaccess.
- Fix #7366: Cancelling two occurrences breaks the startdate (and other stuff) from one occurrence.
- Fix #7378: Rename webaccess language item for Portugese.
- Fix #7389: Stubbed message should have an alternate icon so people can recognise them.

* Sat May 28 2011 Robert Scheck <robert fedoraproject org> 6.40.8-1
- Upgrade to 6.40.8

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