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Fedora EPEL 4 updates-testing report

The following Fedora EPEL 4 Security updates need testing:


The following builds have been pushed to Fedora EPEL 4 updates-testing


Details about builds:

 zarafa-6.40.12-1.el4 (FEDORA-EPEL-2011-5041)
 Open Source Edition of the Zarafa Collaboration Platform
Update Information:

Zarafa Collaboration Platform 6.40.12 Final [29942]


 - Fix ZCP-8228: Zarafa-msr should validate the destination servers.
 - Fix ZCP-8102: Sorting on email address breaks on names with " " (quotes).
 - Fix ZCP-8103: Delegate is listed as optional and required attendee after accepting a meeting request on behalf of.
 - Fix ZCP-8173: SaveObject() notifies grandparent about change even if there is no change.
 - Fix ZCP-8221: Patch to fix install.sh for RHEL6.
 - Fix ZCP-8354: Zarafa-msr relocation crash zarafa 6.40.11.
 - Fix ZCP-8461: Ical sends meeting request to organizer.
 - Fix ZCP-8512: MSR broken due to merge.
 - Fix ZCP-8522: Static function from class.recurrence.php is not supported in PHP4.
 - Fix ZCP-8393: Merge translations for 6.40.12.
 - Fix ZCP-7950: LDAP query conflicts sometimes with users/contacts.
 - Fix ZCP-7982: PHP include files of php-ext use mktime() without arguments. This results in PHP error for WebApp.
 - Fix ZCP-8013: An option for zarafa-backup which sets the servers to backup.
 - Fix ZCP-8055: Correctie man page zarafa-admin --hookstore.
 - Fix ZCP-8062: Config.php.dist in source package contains dos enters .
 - Fix ZCP-8082: PR_EC_PUBLIC_IPM_SUBTREE_ENTRYID fails to return correct proptag in GetProps().
 - Fix ZCP-8093: Add zarafa-msr example config to zarafa-multiserver package.
 - Fix ZCP-8098: Zarafa-passwd: not possible to change passwd.
 - Fix ZCP-8115: Let Zarafa-admin --details always show Mb and not Kb for the storesize.
 - Fix ZCP-8121: Out of office is sent if delegate receives copies of meeting releated messages.
 - Fix ZCP-8130: PHP commandline can cause SIGSEGV.
 - Fix ZCP-8149: Zarafa-admin --list-companies tries double free on a user object.
 - Fix ZCP-8156: Zarafa-admin --utf8 --create-store --lang "en_US" fails silently.
 - Fix ZCP-8160: Zarafa Monitor and stats show 'wrong' information.
 - Fix ZCP-8164: Index file of backup contains moved files twice (ZCP-6704) for subfolders.
 - Fix ZCP-8198: HTML Filter is filtering out lines while it should not.
 - Fix ZCP-8205: Pthread_join called twice on the same pthread_t in WSStreamOps::CloseAndGetAsyncResult() and Release().
 - Fix ZCP-8235: Mac Ical 5 does not work with Zarafa.
 - Fix ZCP-8245: Zarafa-backup can fail after deleting some folders.
 - Fix ZCP-8269: Company store size only contains public folder size.
 - Fix ZCP-8271: Indexer doesn't delete lockfiles at startup, even though log message says it does.
 - Fix ZCP-8273: Messages are still accessible under the old entryid even after a move.
 - Fix ZCP-8276: GAB synchronization may stop on processing recreated objects.
 - Fix ZCP-8287: Remove 50% non-active limit, so you can have enough shared mailboxes when using the archiver.
 - Fix ZCP-8318: Merge Zarafe Migration Tool to 6.40 branch.
 - Fix ZCP-8339: Zarafa-ical segfault on 6.40.11 during curl ics import.
 - Fix ZCP-8356: The Zarafa Migration Tool (and it's installer) should check for the correct .NET version instead of crashing when the correct version is absent.
 - Fix ZCP-8371: PR_PARENT_ENTRYID different for messages directly in the Public Folders IPM Subtree.
 - Fix ZCP-8410: Sendas rights not correctly upgraded from 6.30 to 6.40 only 1 is saved.
 - Fix ZCP-8414: Make the final release of Zarafa Migration Tool.
 - Fix ZCP-8416: Send email to emailaddress which contains space will fail.
 - Fix ZCP-8427: Zarafa-server Segfault in 6.40.11.
 - Fix ZCP-8431: Server may hang after TERM signal.
 - Fix ZCP-8433: Zarafa-server crash after SIGUSR1.
 - Fix ZCP-8456: Receive timeout too low for some XML requests.
 - Fix ZCP-8469: IMPL Create option to disable emailing to the group everyone.
 - Fix ZCP-8531: Unable to connect to a shared calendar in iCal4.
 - Fix ZCP-8454: Freebusy data not showing correctly in VBA.
 - Fix ZCP-8578: Freebusy publish may crash when public doesn't work correctly.
 - Fix ZCP-8512: MSR broken due to merge.


 - Fix ZCP-8237: Feature: forwarding as well as a redirect rule within webaccess.
 - Fix ZCP-5346: After saving settings, WA always reloads.
 - Fix ZCP-6927: Cannot download attachments with php4.
 - Fix ZCP-7394: Reading pane setting is not used when pane is already on a folder.
 - Fix ZCP-8011: Private marked contact still shown.
 - Fix ZCP-7931: Merge WA trunk fixes for meeting request class to only set ResponseStatus property when user has really processed it.
 - Fix ZCP-7937: Merge WA fixes to show MR details when MR is opened in preview.
 - Fix ZCP-7938: Merge WA backend items to allow Webapp function to Create propose new time dialog.
 - Fix ZCP-7939: Merge WA backend fixes to create testcases for MeetingRequest class and document it properly.
 - Fix ZCP-7940: Merge WA fixes show MR details when MR is opened in showmail dialog.
 - Fix ZCP-8444: New appointments are set to a free status.
 - Fix ZCP-8448: Quick appointment in all day bar sets status to "busy".
 - Fix ZCP-8019: Implementation Username in WebAccess URL.
 - Fix ZCP-8056: Autopick: unable to autopick when resource is added.
 - Fix ZCP-8075: Attachment not in mail when send with Edit as New Message.
 - Fix ZCP-8077: Quick appointment in all day bar sets status to "busy".
 - Fix ZCP-8086: Reminders shown are not for the latest occurrence.
 - Fix ZCP-8137: Zarafa Webaccess 6.40.4 sets the birthday reminder incorrectly.
 - Fix ZCP-8174: CTRL+ENTER in WA if typing in body / body active in non-IE browsers.
 - Fix ZCP-8200: Selected email will be lost after sorting in webaccess.
 - Fix ZCP-8226: Merge Patch for Timezone function used in current webaccess is depricated in php 5.3.
 - Fix ZCP-8394: It's not possible to save a change meeting request body as an organiser without sending the actual update.
 - Fix ZCP-8396: Firefox dialogues are rendered to small on Linux desktop.
 - Fix ZCP-8418: Date picker does not show bold dates when appointments are present.
 - Fix ZCP-8429: Calendar List view > Optional/required attendees disappears.
 - Fix ZCP-8438: Delete a meeting as an attendee and send a response does not sends a correct startdate n enddate in decline message to organizer.
 - Fix ZCP-8473: User in a redirected rule is moved to the forwarding field.
 - Fix ZCP-8475: Opening a redirected rule changes the name of the attendee.
 - Fix ZCP-8479: Forward rule does not add original sender in body.
 - Fix ZCP-8514: Unable to cancel a meeting request with a resource.
 - Fix ZCP-8560: Attendee is removed from the forward/redirect field. 

* Sun Nov 20 2011 Robert Scheck <robert fedoraproject org> 6.40.12-1
- Upgrade to 6.40.12

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