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Re: yum-cron in EL 6.1, not in CentOS 6.0

On 11/23/2011 02:53 AM, BJ Dierkes wrote:

I was happy to see yum-cron ported to EL 6.1, however I was disappointed to find (just now) that its been removed from EPEL 6 before making it to CentOS 6.  Am I missing something, or do all yum-cron users just need to wait for CentOS to pull it?  Any chance we can update the policy/docs/etc regarding not removing packages from EPEL until they are in both RHEL and CentOS?

It's in the CentOS 6 CR repo:


CentOS advise CentOS 6 users to use the CR repo:


  "The CentOS-6.0 Continuous Release ( CR ) repository is now available
   on mirror.centos.org. This repository contains rpms to be included
   in the next CentOS-6.x release ( 6.1 ). Because these include
   security and bugfix updates, we strongly recommend everyone using
   CentOS-6 install and update their system using this repository."


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