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Re: Question: Darwin Streaming Server

On 11/23/2011 11:41 AM, Nelson Manuel Marques wrote:
Hi all,

Does EPEL accept packages licensed as Apple Public Source License v2

Yes, it's in the "Good licenses"list:


> I was interested in maintaining Darwin Streaming Server [2] in a
repository that has a bugzilla/jira/whatever. Eventually EPEL
(preferred) or RPMFusion for Fedora and EL5/EL6.

There's no big story behind it, just that I need to maintain it for my
employer and could be interesting to maintain it on one of the mirrors
we use, eventually more people might like it and such option would most
likely improve the quality of the package because of the more demanding
packaging quality required.

In case this is possible, what's the standard procedure to start the
process ?



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