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Re: rpmlint: E: subdir-in-bin

On 11/25/2011 03:53 AM, Nelson Manuel Marques wrote:
Hi all,

The Darwin Streaming Server (DSS) package I'm working on is nearly
prepared, i'm just debugging the last rpmlint errors and I have a few
doubts on procedures to fix this errors.

Currently I have a "subdir-in-bin" issue. DSS installs in %_sbin a
directory called "StreamingServerModules" with a few modules. I suspect
this directory doesn't really need to be in %_sbin as we have a
configuration file in which we can define "DEFAULTPATHS_SSM_DIR" (DSS
module directory, the one triggering this rpmlint error).

My humble question is... where should I move this directory to (arch
dependant)? Things I can think of:

  1. %_libexecdir/%{_name}/StreamingServerModules
  2. %{_libdir}/%{_name}/StreamingServerModules

Anyone can give me a suggestion for this ?

If I'm not mistaken #1 is for binaries that will be called only by the 'main' binary. So for example, I know that cyrus-imapd has a number of programs it uses to deliver mail and they are in a similar location as #1. Whereas the main binary is in the system path. I could be wrong but I'd go with #1.

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