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Fedora EPEL 6 updates-testing report

The following Fedora EPEL 6 Security updates need testing:


The following builds have been pushed to Fedora EPEL 6 updates-testing


Details about builds:

 php-pear-Net-Sieve-1.3.2-1.el6 (FEDORA-EPEL-2011-4575)
 Handles talking to a sieve server
Update Information:

Upstream Changelog:

Version 1.3.2
* Fix referrals if host data or user credentials are passed to connect() and login() instead of the constructor (Aleksander Machniak, Bug #17107).

Version 1.3.1
* Query capabilities again after successful authentication (Jesse Crawford, Request #18382).
* Escape quotes and backslashes in script names, and use literal strings for script names with non-ASCII characters (Aleksander Machniak, Bug #16691).
* Work around broken STARTTLS behavior in Cyrus versions before 2.3.10 (Aleksander Machniak, Bug #18241).
* Improve string literal parsing (Aleksander Machniak, Bug #18228).

Version 1.3.0
* Add debug handler parameter to constructor.
* Fix LOGIN authentication (Agust?n Eijo, Aleksander Machniak, Bug #17527).

* Mon Aug  8 2011 Remi Collet <Fedora FamilleCollet com> 1.3.2-1
- Version 1.3.2 (stable) - API 1.3.0 (stable)

  [ 1 ] Bug #734484 - LOGIN authentication doesn't work

 unetbootin-0-10.555bzr.el6 (FEDORA-EPEL-2011-4577)
 Create bootable Live USB drives for a variety of Linux distributions
Update Information:

Update to revision 555.

* Sat Oct  1 2011 Jussi Lehtola <jussilehtola fedoraproject org> - 0-10.555bzr
- Update to revision 555.
* Mon May  9 2011 Jussi Lehtola <jussilehtola fedoraproject org> - 0-10.549bzr
- Bump spec.
* Thu Apr 28 2011 Jussi Lehtola <jussilehtola fedoraproject org> - 0-9.549bzr
- Update to revision 549.
* Mon Feb  7 2011 Fedora Release Engineering <rel-eng lists fedoraproject org> - 0-9.494bzr
- Rebuilt for https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Fedora_15_Mass_Rebuild
* Fri Oct 15 2010 Jussi Lehtola <jussilehtola fedoraproject org> - 0-8.494bzr
- Update to revision 494.

 zarafa-7.0.2-1.el6 (FEDORA-EPEL-2011-4579)
 Open Source Edition of the Zarafa Collaboration Platform
Update Information:

Zarafa Collaboration Platform 7.0.2 Final [29470]


- Improvement ZCP-8012: An option for zarafa-backup which sets the servers to backup in the backup config.
- Fix ZCP-7716: Wrong charset in html body may produce sql error.
- Fix ZCP-7851: IMAP gateway will crash when you select items out of range.
- Fix ZCP-8027: Segfault zarafa-backup with 7.0.0.
- Fix ZCP-8102: Sorting on email address breaks on names with " " (quotes).
- Fix ZCP-8189: Zarafa-server segfault zarafa 7.0.1.
- Fix ZCP-8301: Z-push against 7.0.2 cannot handle uni-code.
- Fix ZCP-8228: Zarafa-msr should validate the destination servers.
- Fix ZCP-8185: Merge translations for 7.0.2.
- Fix ZCP-8266: Merge Zarafa Migration Tool to 7.0 and 6.40 branch.
- Fix ZCP-7890: IMAP email not removed from database on delete.
- Fix ZCP-7916: Possible table failure on SQL deadlock.
- Fix ZCP-7917: Recalc store size script doesn't work on Zarafa database created with 7.
- Fix ZCP-7924: Not all opensource parts of zarafa-archiver are shipped.
- Fix ZCP-7951: LDAP query conflicts sometimes with users/contacts.
- Fix ZCP-7952: LMTP accepts DATA even with no RCPT's.
- Fix ZCP-7978: Password output in debug log of caldav server.
- Fix ZCP-7983: PHP include files of php-ext use mktime() without arguments. This results in PHP error for WebApp.
- Fix ZCP-7987: LMTP may not respond on error.
- Fix ZCP-7997: Small bugs in session locking can cause server-wide problems.
- Fix ZCP-8005: Indexer doesn't index store when one message contains a stream error.
- Fix ZCP-8015: Use epoll for socket dispatching.
- Fix ZCP-8018: Ical uid containing base64 with / character breaks caldav.
- Fix ZCP-8053: Settings unicode strings outside the BMP (above 0x10000) cause database errors.
- Fix ZCP-8054: Correction man page zarafa-admin --hookstore.
- Fix ZCP-8060: Non-MVI columns show MAPI_E_NOT_FOUND for table with MVI expansion.
- Fix ZCP-8063: Config.php.dist in source package contains dos enters.
- Fix ZCP-8069: Company view loses name in gab dropdown for viewable companies.
- Fix ZCP-8073: Make msr log location configurable.
- Fix ZCP-8081: Delegate meeting request only for delegate leaves original email in SMTP queue.
- Fix ZCP-8083: PR_EC_PUBLIC_IPM_SUBTREE_ENTRYID fails to return correct proptag in GetProps().
- Fix ZCP-8094: Add zarafa-msr example config to zarafa-multiserver package.
- Fix ZCP-8096: Document how to Add option to msi installer of zarafa-client, so you can deploy it without autoupdater installed.
- Fix ZCP-8097: Unable to delete company with multi-tenancy and DB plugin.
- Fix ZCP-8118: SQL error after archiving mails attachments. 
- Fix ZCP-8120: Set-system-admin fails to set company system admin.
- Fix ZCP-8131: PHP commandline can cause SIGSEGV.
- Fix ZCP-8132: Segfault zarafa-ical 7.0.0-27791.
- Fix ZCP-8134: No description found in the zarafa-admin man page about --user-count.
- Fix ZCP-8150: Zarafa-admin --list-companies tries double free on a user object.
- Fix ZCP-8157: Zarafa-admin --utf8 --create-store --lang "en_US" fails silently.
- Fix ZCP-8161: Zarafa Monitor and stats show 'wrong' information.
- Fix ZCP-8162: Zarafa-backup may incrementally backup items which aren't changed.
- Fix ZCP-8166: Ical-gateway in 7.0.1 crashes, if KDE-Kontact tries to upload the ics-file.
- Fix ZCP-8171: Change [servers] section in msr to be optional, so you need this option in the config.
- Fix ZCP-8178: Iphone splits comma separated names inside doublequotes into two addresses when answering the mail.
- Fix ZCP-8187: Create the upload set for Ubuntu repo for 7.0.
- Fix ZCP-8199: HTML Filter is filtering out lines while it should not.
- Fix ZCP-8206: Pthread_join called twice on the same pthread_t in WSStreamOps::CloseAndGetAsyncResult() and Release().
- Fix ZCP-8212: Zarafa-server segfault zarafa 7.0.1.
- Fix ZCP-8227: Merge Patch for Timezone function used in current webaccess is depricated in php 5.3.
- Fix ZCP-8229: Session stats may lock sessionmanager too long.
- Fix ZCP-8234: Mac Ical 5 does not work with Zarafa.
- Fix ZCP-8246: Zarafa-backup can fail after deleting some folders.
- Fix ZCP-8247: Upgrade of searchfolders restriction data containing high-characters may fail.
- Fix ZCP-8249: Company store size only contains public folder size.
- Fix ZCP-8265: Mac Ical 5 cannot work with non-English stores.
- Fix ZCP-8272: Indexer doesn't delete lockfiles at startup, even though log message says it does.
- Fix ZCP-8274: Messages are still accessible under the old entryid even after a move.
- Fix ZCP-8288: Remove 50% non-active limit, so you can have enough shared mailboxes when using the archiver.
- Fix ZCP-8239: Session stats may lock sessionmanager too long.
- Fix ZCP-8326: Possible 100% cpu usage during QueryRows.
- Fix ZCP-8347: Public calendars do not work with Mac Ical 4.
- Fix ZCP-8370: Mac ical will no show items created in a public calendar.
- Fix ZCP-8369: Zarafa-server won't shutdown with epoll (sometimes).


- Improvement ZCP-8050: Option to hide private emails for delegates(is now linked to the permission "Delegate can see my private items in the delegation menu."
- Fix ZCP-7394: Reading pane setting is not used when pane is already on a folder.
- Fix ZCP-8030: Delegate can't open private appointment with the correct rights.
- Fix ZCP-7680: Open email after second search in Advanced find is not possible.
- Fix ZCP-7928: Create new email window does not close after clicking send.
- Fix ZCP-7931: Trunk fixes for meeting request class to only set ResponseStatus property when user has really processed it.
- Fix ZCP-7937: Fixes to show meeting request details when meeting request is opened in preview.
- Fix ZCP-7938: Backend items to allow Webapp function to Create propose new time dialog.
- Fix ZCP-7939: Backend fixes to create testcases for MeetingRequest class and document it properly.
- Fix ZCP-7940: Fixes show MR details when MR is opened in showmail dialog.
- Fix ZCP-7919: Replying to email (in plain-text) with inline image creates an inline.txt attachment.
- Fix ZCP-7920: Attachments with quote-printable in the middle oof the file name not displayed correctly.
- Fix ZCP-7922: Webaccess still show automatically resource type in meeting request after changing from equipment to shared store.
- Fix ZCP-7948: Opening WebAccess in two tabs creates conflicting Ids in the webclient.
- Fix ZCP-7981: Open shared folder 'Show subfolders' checkbox is untranslatable.
- Fix ZCP-7985: Timezone will create a one hour difference if you change appointment to recurring (BRT -3).
- Fix ZCP-8002: Month and day names are not translated in 7.0.0 when sending task request in finish.
- Fix ZCP-8020: Implementation Username in WebAccess URL.
- Fix ZCP-8032: Organizer wrong in Muc with Secretary rights.
- Fix ZCP-8034: Cannot turn off reminder of an all day occurence.
- Fix ZCP-8066: Inline images are not shown in attachment.
- Fix ZCP-8076: Attachment not in mail when send with Edit as New Message.
- Fix ZCP-8087: Reminders shown are not for the latest occurrence.
- Fix ZCP-8123: Download all attachment will take subject as file name but does not work with unicode.
- Fix ZCP-8136: Webaccess advanced find does not find categorized items.
- Fix ZCP-8138: Zarafa Webaccess 6.40.4 sets the birthday reminder incorrectly.
- Fix ZCP-8151: Outbox counter shows unread messages, not total.
- Fix ZCP-8175: CTRL+ENTER in WA if typing in body / body active in non-IE browsers.
- Fix ZCP-8219: Read receipt pop-up comes over and over again when message was read via Z-push.
- Fix ZCP-8267: Folders in Public folder can't be renamed.
- Fix ZCP-8268: Large location name will go out of the appointment box.

* Sat Oct  1 2011 Robert Scheck <robert fedoraproject org> 7.0.2-1
- Upgrade to 7.0.2 (#717968)

  [ 1 ] Bug #717968 - Zarafa doesn't work as user/group zarafa

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