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Re: Intro - + php-pecl packages

Remi Collet wrote:
Le 05/10/2011 06:01, Michael A. Peters a écrit :
There are however two pecl modules it uses that are not packaged or
maintained by either Fedora or EPEL -

php-pecl-bbcode (parses bbcode like syntax)
php-pecl-uploadprogress (allows php to signal javascript upload progress

I will have a look to this extensions.

But for uploadprogress, I'm used to work with APC which provides the
same function (but it's not a drop in replacement).

Yes, I had forgotten that apc does the same thing.
Back when I started using uploadprogress, it was because APC had an issue with suhosin (resolved I believe) and it had a problem with the pear MDB2 package (which I don't think is resolved).

I'm using PDO now instead of MDB2 and I'm using APC for content caching. The uploadprogress module still works, it does not break with APC loaded, but I had forgotten APC does the same thing. So I won't need uploadprogress progress, I'll change my code to use APC.

So there is some risk than the extensions conflicts when both installed


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