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Re: Intro - + php-pecl packages

Remi Collet wrote:
Le 05/10/2011 07:04, Remi Collet a écrit :
Le 05/10/2011 06:01, Michael A. Peters a écrit :
php-pecl-bbcode (parses bbcode like syntax)
I will have a look to this extensions.

What an awfull upstream... :(

- license is PHP
- upstream seems dead http://www.bmco.be/
- last stable version 1.0.2 from 2008
- last beta version 1.0.3b1 from 2010
- 1.0.3b1 reports as 1.1.0-dev
- 12 open bugs
- partial bundled library bbcode2 (BSD)
- partial bundled library bstring (BSD or GPLv2)

This will requires so much work...
Don't even know if it will be acceptable for fedora/EPEL repository...

Some of those bugs look like feature / support requests, but his blog hasn't been updated in awhile and his last tweet is from April, so he may be MIA. Too bad, it's a good parser, at least in my opinion.


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