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Fedora EPEL 4 updates-testing report

The following Fedora EPEL 4 Security updates need testing:


The following builds have been pushed to Fedora EPEL 4 updates-testing


Details about builds:

 zarafa-6.40.11-1.el4 (FEDORA-EPEL-2011-4402)
 Open Source Edition of the Zarafa Collaboration Platform
Update Information:

Zarafa Collaboration Platform 6.40.11 Final [28965]


 - Fix ZCP-6164: SIGSEGV with PAM authentication.
 - Fix ZCP-5486: Forward rule does not add original sender in body.
 - Fix ZCP-8001: Zarafa-archiver will crash when doing archiver run with --local-only on 6.40.10.
 - Fix ZCP-7887: Change [servers] section in msr to be optional, so you do not need to have this option in the config.
 - Fix ZCP-7921: Attachments with quote-printable in the middle oof the file name not displayed correctly.
 - Fix ZCP-7915: Possible table failure on SQL deadlock.
 - Fix ZCP-7925: Not all opensource parts of zarafa-archiver are shipped.
 - Fix ZCP-7954: LMTP accepts DATA even with no RCPT's.
 - Fix ZCP-7968: Server sends corrupt stream if the database is inconsistent.
 - Fix ZCP-7984: Timezone will create a one hour difference if you change appointment to recurring (BRT -3).
 - Fix ZCP-7986: LMTP may not respond on error.
 - Fix ZCP-7991: Spooler should automatically quote fullname of sender, recipient to solve issues in some client with commas.
 - Fix ZCP-7994: Segfault in zarafa-backup with one user.
 - Fix ZCP-7996: Small bugs in session locking can cause server-wide problems.
 - Fix ZCP-7998: Dagent sometimes delivers mail in spam folder even if the spam header is absent.
 - Fix ZCP-7999: Make trunk ZCP be version 7.1 and remove the version display in the windows clients.
 - Fix ZCP-8004: Indexer doesn't index store when one message contains a stream error.
 - Fix ZCP-8009: Editing a contact in WA will enable TNEF sending to this contact when e-mail is sent to contact from Outlook via SMTP.
 - Fix ZCP-8017: Ical uid containing base64 with / character breaks caldav.
 - Fix ZCP-8023: Zarafa-msr python errors at Customer (6.40.7) (destination server -> source server).
 - Fix ZCP-8067: License daemon hosted reports are not sent.
 - Fix ZCP-8070: GAB synchronization skips the next item after each modification to a group.
 - Fix ZCP-8072: Make msr log location configurable.
 - Fix ZCP-8080: Delegate meeting request only for delegate leaves original email in SMTP queue.
 - Fix ZCP-8112: SQL error after archiving mails attachments.
 - Fix ZCP-8177: Iphone splits comma separated names inside doublequotes into two addresses when answering the mail.
 - Fix ZCP-8170: Change [servers] section in msr to be optional, so you need this option in the config.


 - Fix ZCP-5926: Subfolder does not expand in 'create new folder view'.
 - Fix ZCP-7878: Opening meeting request causes error in webapp.
 - Fix ZCP-7928: Create new email window does not close after clicking send.
 - Fix ZCP-8030: Delegate can't open private appointment.
 - Fix ZCP-7883: Add PHP-ext exception classes for 6.40 WebApp compatibility.
 - Fix ZCP-8084: WebApp JSON settings property mapping is missing in 6.40, please merge.
 - Fix ZCP-8085: No propIsError function is present in 6.40 php extension, please merge.
 - Fix ZCP-7918: Replying to email (in plain-text) with inline image creates an inline.txt attachment.
 - Fix ZCP-7923: Webaccess still show automatically resource type in meeting request after changing from equipment to shared store.
 - Fix ZCP-7926: Reminders of older recurrent items pop-up after you delete an occurence in the future.
 - Fix ZCP-7927: Wizard rules created with the webaccess will sometimes dissappear after saving a new rule.
 - Fix ZCP-7949: Opening WebAccess in two tabs creates conflicting Ids in the webclient.
 - Fix ZCP-7961: Opening meeting request causes error in webapp.
 - Fix ZCP-7980: Open shared folder 'Show subfolders' checkbox is untranslatable.
 - Fix ZCP-7989: Forward specific emails with webaccess will lose part of body text, with outlook is works correctly.
 - Fix ZCP-7995: Open email after second search in Advanced find is not possible.
 - Fix ZCP-8003: Month and day names are not translated in 7.0.0 when sending task request in finish.
 - Fix ZCP-8031: Organizer wrong in Muc with Secretary rights.
 - Fix ZCP-8033: Cannot turn off reminder of an all day occurence.
 - Fix ZCP-8065: Inline images are not shown in inline emails that are attached.

* Sun Sep 11 2011 Robert Scheck <robert fedoraproject org> 6.40.11-1
- Upgrade to 6.40.11

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