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Python packages with python26 subpackages

I was working on a python-pygments/python26-pygments bug today and found
that the byte compilation of the packages was... wrong.  Changing various
setings to do with the automatic byte compilation of python modules to byte
code, I could either get everything compiled with python-2.6 or everything
compiled with python-2.4; I could not get the python26 subpackage compiled
with python-2.6 and the python 2.4 portion compiled with python-2.4.

What other packages are there in EPEL that are using the subpackage approach
to build both for python-2.4 and python26?  Could maintainers take a moment
to check whether the byte code in both the main python-* and the python26-*
packages are correctly byte compiled?  (I checked by running Fedora-14's
rpmlint on the packages.  It can detect incorrect byte code compilation for
python modules (those in /use/lib/pythonX.Y/site-packages)),

If you find that your package is not correctly byte compiled, can you
mention it here so that we know how many packages are affected?  If your
package *is* correcttly byte compiled, can you mention it here, perhaps with
the spec file so that we can figure out if it's even possible to do this


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