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Re: REMINDER: RHEL entitlements for EPEL maintainers


> > It means you can get a free entitlement from Red Hat to
> > install RHEL on your own hardware or virtual and get updates
> > to that install from rhn. You must supply a machine or
> > virtual platform to run it on.
> Not so interesting then - we've got SL and CentOS already.

but CentOS and SL are not the same as RHEL even if they tell you
so :-)

> Unfortunately some issues exists only on some particular arches
> and EPEL maintainers don't have so many spare ppc64 boxes
> available to experiment with.

_some_ EPEL maintainers have access to full set of supported
architectures ... you can always try asking if someone is willing
to test for you

ideally if you had some simple steps ready, like "run command
xyz, send me the console output and log from /a/b/c.log, please"

if there's a bug in RH bugzilla for your issue, you can try
putting me in QA contact (or on CC) and describe what do you need
to test in the comment


Karel Volný
QE BaseOs/Daemons Team
Red Hat Czech, Brno
tel. +420 532294274
(RH: +420 532294111 ext. 8262074)
xmpp kavol jabber cz
:: "Never attribute to malice what can
::  easily be explained by stupidity."

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