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Re: RHEL5 and RHEL6 with the EPEL RHEL Entitlements

On Thu, Apr 19, 2012 at 04:59, Niels de Vos <devos fedoraproject org> wrote:
> For this to work correctly, the RHEL-6 host must be marked as
> Virtualization Platform (or something like that) in Red Hat Network.

Actually, "Virtualization Platform" allows unlimited guests.  And just
"Virtualization" (no "Platform" after it) allows up to four (4)
guests.  These were the feature entitlements required for
virtualization in EL5.

> Maybe the following Knowledgebase article can help you here:
> - https://access.redhat.com/knowledge/solutions/9932

Which also refers to the public document:
- http://www.redhat.com/products/enterprise-linux/server/compare.html

With any EL6 release, up to one (1) guest should inherit the
entitlements without having to enable additional feature entitlements.
 Hence the recommendation to use EL6 as a hot with EL5 as a guest.

Bryan J Smith - Professional, Technical Annoyance

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