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Misc EPEL stuff


Some misc things: 

1. I still haven't come up with another iteration of the overlapping
packages proposal. If someone else would like to, please do. 
I'll try and poke at it again once I collect more info. 

2. We have weekly broken deps reports going again. 
They need some enhancements however. If anyone is interested in
looking, patches very welcome. 

Script is at: 

called by cron in: 

Fixes/changes needed: 

* Should report when it's running on just epel, or epel+epel-testing

* Should have a blacklist, so we could drop ones we know will never be
  fixed for various reasons. 

* Ideally run once for epel and epel+epel-testing and only send deps in
  one email instead of two. 

* It doesn't seem to be properly picking up optional repo sometimes. 

3. I don't have anything else this week, so will skip meeting, unless
folks come up with things and would like to meet. :) 


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