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Re: tomcat7 ?

On Thu, Dec 6, 2012 at 1:48 PM, Dmitry Makovey <dmitry athabascau ca> wrote:
On 12/06/2012 10:25 AM, Greg Swift wrote:
> I did just look at this a little this week.  Here is what I noticed:
> 1: jakarta-commons versus apache-commons
> 2: buildRequires circular dependency of tomcat7 -> geronimo-jaxrpc ->
> servlet (which tomcat7 provides)

which SPEC files were you using? rhel:tomcat6.spec + version bump, or
fedora:tomcat.spec or jpackage:tomcat7.spec ? Just curious about the
starting point. My idea was to grab Fedora's spec and massage it into
submission. Main point (aside from libraries & their versions) would
probably be the startup script as RHEL doesn't use systemd. But that
should be easy to address and possibly plead for conditional SPEC file
with RHEL-based builds using init.d startup vs Fedora's systemd.
So I started with the fedora:tomcat.spec.  The init scripts are actually still there in a sub package, which is handy.  I had forgotten that I pulled all the systemd stuph out and moved the sysv bits back into the base package.

here is the spec: http://nytefyre.net/rpms/tomcat.spec

so, obviously, it doesn't work.
However it's still unclear whether EPEL would be the place for such
build as RHN offers tomcat7 under JBoss channel which may be in conflict
with EPEL guidelines.

does the JBoss channel count as a conflict? I thought based on the recent discussions that it didn't.
> then i just went to the jpackage release cause i needed to finish what i
> was doing.

hmm. My past experience with Jpackage+RHEL was a mixed bag with
conflicting packages and rather peculiar resulting install sets (mix of
RHEL and Jpackage rpm's). Have you used "yum-plugin-priorities" to get
around those conflicts?

I didn't run into any dependency issues at this point, and we were previously using a more limited locally packaged version.   We'd definitely prefer an EPEL version to just negate that risk.

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