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Re: announce EOL for EPEL-4?

On Tue, 31 Jan 2012 15:01:20 -0700
Ken Dreyer <ktdreyer ktdreyer com> wrote:

> Would it be feasible to send an announcement to the appropriate
> list(s) that EPEL-4 is going to be officially EOL in a month? I see
> some discussion on this list, but nothing to epel-announce.

Yeah, might be a good idea. 

I can do so later today... something like: 

RHEL 4 reaches End Of Life on 2012-02-29. Accordingly, EPEL4 will also
reach End Of Life then. This means: 

- All existing EPEL4 builds will be moved to archives. 
- MirrorManager will be adjusted to point existing requests to the
  archive url. 
- References to EPEL4 will be removed from the wiki and other
- The build system will no longer do any builds for EPEL4 branches. 
- The updates system will no longer push any updates for EPEL4. 

Please consider upgrading to a supported release before this deadline. 


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