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Re: meetings

On 28 November 2011 12:42, Kevin Fenzi <kevin scrye com> wrote:
> Greetings.
> Our meetings have been scheduled for 19:30 UTC monday's, but I have
> been slacking on running them then, for a number of reasons:
> * Mondays are busy, catching up on things from the weekend, etc.
> * I have a FESCo meeting just before this.
> * The fedora-fr folks are meeting at that time now due to daylight
>  savings time.

Could we move the meetings to Fridays or Thursdays? We have a bunch of
meetings on Thursdays but it is clearer than other days :).

> So, I would like to propose we move to another day/time.
> Does anyone have a preference?
> We could possibly also just switch to 'on demand' meetings. Ie, no
> meeting unless someone proposes topic(s) for one. Currently EPEL is in
> a 'stable' phase, so there's not too many issues needing discussion,

In this case, I believe we need to hold a "Town Hall" for the extended
RHEL cycle. I think we are going to need to look at "ending" earlier
than RHEL does because basically trying to support EL-5 for that much
longer is really really hard. However that is my opinion and I would
like to get others too.

> kevin
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