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Re: Long-term package versions (RHEL 5 extended to 10 years until EOL)

On 02/09/2012 02:55 PM, Christopher Meng wrote:
Can I saw something about bugzilla?I opened a ticket weeks ago,them I
got a reply that because of policy in EPEL,Redhat will not update.And
a engineer said that he will do a backport job.
I really cant agree with this.Bugzilla 4.x improves many features,but
redhat will only contains a very old version.Why?Why cant we be
fresh?The policy only want us to use 3.x at least 10years,that funny.

This was me, and I'd like to make clear that I'm neither a RedHat engineer, nor am I paid to maintain bugzilla. And also, EPEL is not RHEL, this is only an additional repository maintained by the community.

Please read again what I answered in both bugs. Please read again the (current) EPEL policy as well as what was said in this thread. We are trying very hard to satisfy everyone's need. You may dislike the 'no disruptive update' policy, but some others are relying on it. There are some ways out. In bugzilla's case, that might be packaging a parallel installable bugzilla40. I've even offered to help review it, if someone wants to do the packaging work but I'm not prepared to do this work myself now. By all means, feel free to help us move forward.



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