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Re: Long-term package versions (RHEL 5+ extended to 10 years until EOL)

On Thu, 9 Feb 2012, Stephen John Smoogen wrote:

On 9 February 2012 09:47, Kevin Fenzi <kevin scrye com> wrote:
On Thu, 09 Feb 2012 09:42:06 +0100
Xavier Bachelot <xavier bachelot org> wrote:

Well, we could ship a package that removes them, or updates to the
epel-release that conflicts, but I would not really like that
personally. That forces things to be removed when it's not really
giving people the choice of running the old thing still. (Perhaps
internally where security doesn't matter so much to them).

How about the following:

XXX-replaceble (requires the latest package and installs that)
XXXversionnumber (the one that is packaged up.)

When a package is going to be abandoned (like I did with mediawiki114)
one should put a last package with the same contents as the last one
and a doc file (and change to %description) saying "This package is
dead and abandonned. It is no longer supported by upstream and/or
EPEL. You are free to use this package as long as you like, but you
are the sole responsible party." Or some such thing.

If you install XXX-replaceable it upgrades to the latest version as
needed. If you pull in the XXXversionnumber then you stay on that.

So are you saying that mediawiki-1.14.0-45.el5 is orphaned? If so I
totally missed that, so I guess that makes me one of the targets to
this discussion. As such I like the above idea or something similar.

Fortunately, in this case it is not a big deal because the wiki is not
exposed to the net. It is strictly for my internal use but it would be
nice to have known I should be doing something different. I guess I need
to pay closer attention to this list and the announce list. :-)

Currently, how can I tell if there are any other epel packages that have been


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