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Re: Firefox Current Release at EOL?

On Sat, Feb 18, 2012 at 6:31 PM, Randall Berry <randyn3lrx gmail com> wrote:

> Just curious, as Firefox 3.6 nears Mozilla's end of
> life (April) will EL see Mozilla's current release when the time comes?

Firefox is maintained in the base RHEL distribution, as such, EPEL has
no control over what may or may not occur with it. I would contact
your Red Hat representative for any kind of an official answer.

That being said, Red Hat reserves the right to rebase desktop software
versions in RHEL - so my guess is that it will happen, but that is
nothing more than a guess. Maintaining backports of security fixes
that may or may not be known even would probably prove to be
untenable. Again, this is my personal view of the topic - I don't work
for Red Hat, and you'd have to talk to someone who does (in a forum
other than this list) to get an official answer.

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