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Re: Mock and CMS


I would like to ask a question on this list to anyone who might be
using 'mock' and SCM features. I've tried to use mock to pick the
sources from SVN, and creating a tarbal. Everything seems to work
fine except for the version of the tarball created:

- Tarball is created as: dummy-1.tar.gz
> - Tarball should be creates as: dummy-1.0.1.tar.gz

Now, I'm not sure on how the version is generated by mock when it
creates the tarbal. Anyone more fluent on with this process could
give me a pointer, maybe some blog posts with some examples ?

the tarball creation uses the Version defined in the spec file:


However, if your spec file contains some complex defines and macros which you then use for Version the spec parser might perhaps get confused. It's best that you first try just with Version: 1.0.1 and then see how the parser copes with defines and macros if you need them.

I'm not aware of any related blog posts but this LWN article provides a generic introduction:



Marko Myllynen

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