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Re: Request EPEL Builds 4 calibre

On 01/22/2012 08:43 PM, Michael A. Peters wrote:
I would like to request the following Fedora packages be built for
EPEL-6 if at all possible:


Ouch, it looks like the problems in building calibre is that the current
versions anyway use some python syntax specific to python 2.7 and newer.

What version that started with I do not know, but python >= 2.7 should
probably be added to the rpm spec file and I guess I am going to have to
look for older src.rpm's to try and rebuild for my own use.

It really frustrates me how many FOSS projects don't have the top down
management necessary to demand their code work in still quite common
versions of scripting languages used in supported business environments.

Ah well. I guess calibre for EPEL6 is probably out.

I'd actually prefer to see an epub reader that builds on gtk-webkit anyway.

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