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Re: rt3 upgrade problem from testing repo

On 07/10/2012 04:58 PM, Paul Howarth wrote:
On 07/10/2012 03:47 PM, Rainer Traut wrote:
I have just migrated rt3 from fedora11 3.8.2 to RHEL6.3 x86_64 3.8.10.
This seems to have succeeded and is working flawlessly - and I wanted to
use a rt3 version without known security risks.

upgrading to the testing version does not work.

I have checked the same command before 6.2 to 6.3 upgrade and there were
no missing dependencies. It did not pull in Spamassassin I recall.
So it can either be a problem with 6.3 or the testing repo I think...

The rt3 package in EPEL-6 appears to use rpm-4.9-style requires/provides
filters, but EL-6 doesn't have rpm 4.9, hence the breakage.

oops, sorry about that. I have fixed it locally, I will push an updated package to -testing later today.


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