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Re: Okay to package HTTPS Everywhere 2.0?

On Thu, 01 Mar 2012 13:07:00 -0600, Kevin Fenzi <kevin scrye com> wrote:

So, the changes from the current version include changes to 'the user
experence' ? ie, UI changes? Are they minor? or Major?

I honestly cannot see a difference in the UI. Sounds very minor to me.

Is the old version still supported for security updates?
Or are they moving to only supporting the new one?

The 1.x branch is no longer supported, I assume. I can email the list to verify.

Can the old one use the new rules? Or is it stuck with out of date

I would have to release an extension update to update the rulesets anyway. The rulesets are updated only as part of the extension. There's no separate updater.

If you did move to this version, would end users have to do anything

No. The SSL Observatory defaults to off due to common corporate policies. Less hassle all around.

I'd guess this is kinda a grey area for two reasons:
web browsers seem to be kind of an exception to things (10.x is coming
in a RHEL update), and things that need to update off the net/rulesets
need to update to interoperate.

10.x is probably only coming because 3.6 EOL is approaching. :P

2.0.2 will likely contain a fix for a bug that's been on the bugzilla (filed against the Fedora version) for a couple months. I'd like to resolve that one in both Fedora and EPEL. :D

Russell Golden

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