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Re: [gluster-internal] Keep or remove GlusterFS from EPEL-6?

From: "David Egts" <degts redhat com>
> How do we plan to have a customer use GlusterFS as a native mount
> from a RHEL system?  We don't want them to inadvertently use our .com
> bits for the server and the EPEL bits for the native client,

I don't see that as an issue. We're selling RHS/RHSSA to people to build
server appliances.

Customers will have many different clients and they are free to get
bits to use from a variety of sources: 1) Fedora YUM repos, including
possibly EPEL, 2) gluster.org download site, 3) build from source.

> and we don't want the native clients to consume a Red Hat Storage
> entitlement to get the bits from that channel, correct?

I don't know, per se, how Red Hat Storage entitlements work, nor am I 
sure it's important for the sake of this discussion wrt where they 
get the bits for their clients.

> Do we
> plan to put the .com GlusterFS native client bits in the mainline
> RHEL channel?  Right now, the RHSSA docs say that you're supposed
> to go to gluster.com to get them.

AFAIK we will never put GlusterFS — client or server — into mainline 
RHEL. It will only be available as RHS/RHSSA with it's associated 
Red Hat Storage channel.

But again, don't confuse Red Hat with gluster.org. There will be bits for
both server-side and client-side—available from a variety of sources, not
limited to the Fedora YUM repos and gluster.org download site.



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