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Re: rhel6 clashes - i386 and x86_64

Looking at the list(s): 

a) we need to retire/remove some packages in epel that are in base os
and optional. I don't see anything particularly crazy in there, just
things that probibly were added in point releases that we need to

b) The storage beta channel isn't in the list (for glusterfs), I've
asked Seth to add that and re-run the list, so we can see if there's
any other overlaps from that channel. 

c) The Red Hat CloudForms Cloud Engine channel is the one that worries
me the most. It has puppet and a lot of rubygems, there's a lot of
overlap here. From my understanding this channel is for managing cloud
instances. Is there going to be cloud clients where people enable EPEL?
Wouldn't they only do so on the actual virtual instances, not the cloud
providing infrastructure? 

Anyhow, more good data to consider. 


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