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Re: Thoughts from last meeting

Kevin Fenzi wrote:
> ... another layered product might say "well, thats not what we ship,
> reinstall with $foo before we support you" ...
> ...
> I don't know off hand ...

Well you're on-the-money on all of those, but particular the one I've
included here.

"Real world" here people ...

Not only does it sometimes take many hours to discover this.  That's
Red Hat Services and Support tied up.  But here's the best part ...

It's not just the "EL Rebuild" and "community" users that cause this.
Unpaid users in the community are the least of my concerns.  I don't
know a single person with Red Hat that complains about the community,
upstream or downstream.

What really twerks me, and a lot of others, is when someone has wasted
my time for a couple of days only for I to discover it was the "EL
Rebuild" and "EPEL add-ons" a proprietary vendor shipped, bundled or
pointed someone else to.  A proprietary vendor that has a much larger
contract and a number bigger set of support and service people than
Red Hat does.

No good deed goes unpunished.  At some point, Red Hat has to "draw the
line" on charity, and say, "Will you please go get that vendor to
partner with us so we can support you instead of using the unsupported

First-hand, "real world" experience speaking.  ;)

-- Bryan "okay, I'll shutup now" Smith

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