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Re: RFC: Rethinking EPEL at FUDcon Lawrence 2013

On Thu, Nov 22, 2012 at 11:30:27AM +0100, Matthias Runge wrote:
> You're thinking about php53 also providing php = %{version}-%{release}?


> Otherwise you'd produce an interesting pile of dependencies. Those
> packages also need to obsolete the older packages and must be marked as

They can.

> conflicting, to prevent unintentional upgrades. Did I miss something?

They don't have to really -- the conflict will be on the files level.

> What about a package upgrade, which requires upgrades of several
> packages? Following your proposal this IMHO makes several manual steps
> necessary.

Yes. And that's the point -- if you have php53 installed, it should
not be easy for you to shoot yourself to the foot to by upgrading to
php54 or php == 5.5 or something. You probably moved to php53 to stay
on that version.

Jan Pazdziora | adelton at #satellite*, #brno
Principal Software Engineer, Satellite Engineering, Red Hat

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