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Re: Backwards incompatible change: PowerDNS (2.9.x to 3.1.x)

On Mon, Nov 26, 2012 at 01:52:16PM +0100, James Findley wrote:
>    This probably should not have been done at all, and definitely not without
>    some mention of these issues in the RPM changelog and ideally a postscript
>    to fix configs, DB schema, etc.

I would vote exclusively for the "should not have been done at all"
sentiment, since in general it can be difficult to completely automate
the process of upgrading between major versions of anything.

I was recently bitten by exactly the same issue with the OpenStack
Essex -> Folsom upgrade.  And in fact we also got bitten earlier this
year by the Cobbler upgrade that replaced the mod_python based
configuration with one based on mod_wsgi.

There was some recent discussion about performing another major
version upgrade to Puppet (by moving the "puppet" package in EPEL from
2.x to 3.x).  I hope *that* never happens.

I would really rather see this sort of thing relegated to a separate
"epel-exciting" repository (or, you know, "Fedora").

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