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Fedora EPEL 5 updates-testing report

The following Fedora EPEL 5 Security updates need testing:
 Age  URL
  43  https://admin.fedoraproject.org/updates/FEDORA-EPEL-2012-12767/pcp-3.6.6-1.el5
 173  https://admin.fedoraproject.org/updates/FEDORA-EPEL-2012-5630/bugzilla-3.2.10-5.el5
   2  https://admin.fedoraproject.org/updates/FEDORA-EPEL-2012-13114/phpMyAdmin3-3.5.3-1.el5
  68  https://admin.fedoraproject.org/updates/FEDORA-EPEL-2012-6608/Django-1.1.4-2.el5
  68  https://admin.fedoraproject.org/updates/FEDORA-EPEL-2012-6588/dokuwiki-0-0.12.20120125.b.el5
   1  https://admin.fedoraproject.org/updates/FEDORA-EPEL-2012-13130/drupal7-feeds-2.0-0.5.alpha6.el5
   0  https://admin.fedoraproject.org/updates/FEDORA-EPEL-2012-13152/cobbler-2.4.0-beta2.el5
  15  https://admin.fedoraproject.org/updates/FEDORA-EPEL-2012-13010/bacula-2.4.4-12.el5
  20  https://admin.fedoraproject.org/updates/FEDORA-EPEL-2012-12949/phpldapadmin-1.2.2-3.gitbbedf1.el5

The following builds have been pushed to Fedora EPEL 5 updates-testing


Details about builds:

 cobbler-2.4.0-beta2.el5 (FEDORA-EPEL-2012-13152)
 Boot server configurator
Update Information:

New release

* Thu Oct 11 2012 James Cammarata <jimi sngx net> 2.4.0-beta2
- Modified spec version/release to be 2.4.0-beta2 (jimi sngx net)
- fixing up a bad commit merge (jimi sngx net)
* Thu Oct 11 2012 James Cammarata <jimi sngx net> 2.4.0-beta1
- Beta Release 1 of 2.4.0
- BUGFIX - Issue #329 - Systems no longer allow an add with an image for a
  parent (jimi sngx net)
- BUGFIX - Issue #327 - revert 5afcff7 and fix in a more sane way
  (jimi sngx net)
- Removed some duplicates created by reapplying a patch (jimi sngx net)
- BUGFIX - Issue #267 - old python-virtinst does not support --boot
  (jimi sngx net)
- Revise install_post_puppet.py to use newer puppet syntax
  (stephen esstec co uk)
- Get rid of deprecated Puppet syntax so that cobbler works with Puppet 3.0
  (stephen esstec co uk)
- Added ubuntu to dist check for named.conf location
  (daniel givens rackspace com)
- Expanded automatic determination of tftpboot path, isc dhcp and bind service
  names and config files based on distro. (daniel givenstx com)
- Make the service name for DHCP and DNS restarts configurable for better
  portable between distros. (daniel givens rackspace com)
- Serial based on formatted date and revision number (alevy mobitv com)
- Correct undefined variable name (jbd jbdenis net)
- fix merge Issue #252 BUGFIX and #262 (daikame gmail com)
- Add check for valid driver_type before executing qemu-img (jimi sngx net)
- fix mistake remove import. (daikame gmail com)
- move exec method to utils.py, and catch unexpected exception.
  (daikame gmail com)
- not check driver type on create method. (daikame gmail com)
- BUGFIX - Issue #305 - Incorrect Kickstart file when gPXE enabled
  (jimi sngx net)
- BUGFIX - Issue #304 - Cobbler does not store values correctly for ksmeta
  Objects were getting flattened improperly, so it was losing escapes/quoting
  for values with spaces (jimi sngx net)
- add vmdk and raw file create support. (daikame gmail com)
- BUGFIX - Issue #267 - old python-virtinst does not support --boot
  (jimi sngx net)
- Modified spec version/release to be 2.4.0-beta-1 (jimi sngx net)
- Initial commit for mysql backend support (jimi sngx net)
- BUGFIX - Issue #277 - move webroot to /srv/www for debian/ubuntu
  (jimi sngx net)
- FEATURE - adding 'zonetype' variable for DNS zone rendering (jimi sngx net)
- BUGFIX - Issue #278 - cobbler import fails for ubuntu images due to rsync
  args (jimi sngx net)
- BUGFIX - Issue #285 - update cobbler man page for incorrect options
  (jimi sngx net)
- BUGFIX - Issue #241 - adding distro with blank name via XMLRPC should not
  work (jimi sngx net)
- BUGFIX - Issue #272 - allow anamon to log entries when building systems based
  on profiles (no corresponding system record) (jimi sngx net)
- BUGFIX - Issue #252 - fuzzy match on lvs name returns a false match
  preventing LV creation (jimi sngx net)
- BUGFIX - Issue #287 - patch to allow templar to work without a config, which
  was breaking the tftpd.py script (jimi sngx net)
- add qcow2 driver type (daikame gmail com)
- fix koan qemu-machine-type param test. (daikame gmail com)
- Only cosmetic cleanup - removed commands that were commented out, added
  spaces for more clear code (flaks bnl gov)
- Modified sample.seed to make use kickstart_start and kickstart_done snippets
  for debian. As a result the following cobbler features work for debian:   -
  prevent net boot looping   - cobbler status reflects debian installations   -
  preseed file is downloaded a nd saved on the installed system as
  /var/log/cobbler.seed Also made download_config_files_deb snippet, make use
  of late_command New post_run_deb snippet allows to execute post installation
  script. (flaks bnl gov)
- Some changes for testing (jimi sngx net)
- Minor fix for urlparse on older pythons (>2.5) (jimi sngx net)
- FEATURE - Issue #253 - Use PEERDNS=no for DHCP interfaces when name servers
  are specified (jimi sngx net)
- install-tree for debian/ubuntu modified to take tree= from meta data. http,
  ftp and nfs remote tree locations supported (flaks bnl gov)
- add support of custom logical volume name (daikame gmail com)
- Partial revert of 87acfc8b, and a minor change to bring the koan extra-args
  inline with the PXE args (jimi sngx net)
- New default preseed, and a few minor changes to make ubuntu auto install work
  better (jimi sngx net)
- Add support for qemu machine type to emulate (option --qemu-machine-type).
  (isaoshimizu gmail com)
- Modern x86 kernels have 2048 char limit and this is needed to support
  configurations with kickstart+NIC kernel params. Otherwise koan refuses to
  accept the param list. (oliver cpan org)
- Allow koan's -S option to work for SuSE breed. Also remove -S for breed=None,
  as I assume "Red Hat" is not a sane assumption for all Distros without a
  breed. (oliver cpan org)
- Only add a udev net rule for an interface if the MAC is set. This fixes
  behaviour whereby a dummy udev rule at eth0 forces the first NIC to get eth1
  post-install. (oliver cpan org)
- Make the domainname setting be the full eth0 DNS Name, minus the first dotted
  part (and not the FQDN). (oliver cpan org)
- BUGFIX - Issue #252 - fuzzy match on lvs name returns a false match
  preventing LV creation (jimi sngx net)
- Added back in the filesystem loader. (oliver cpan org)
- BUGFIX - Issue #247 - Reposync does not work from the web interface
  (jimi sngx net)
- BUGFIX - Issue #246 - CentOS 5.x install fence_tools to /sbin/
  (jimi sngx net)
- Fix post_report trigger typo (jimi sngx net)
- Some fixes for koan running with an old virt-install (jimi sngx net)
- Define pxe_menu_items variable when creating PXE files for systems
  (jthiltges2 unl edu)
- Refactor PXE and GRUB menu item creation into a separate function
  (jthiltges2 unl edu)
- django 1.4 and later have deprecated the old TEMPLATE_LOADERS and replaced
  them with a new app_directories.Loader (oliver cpan org)
- Add support for UEFI boot to the subnet, but not for defined systems yet.
  (erinn looneytriggs gmail com)
- Fix redhat import whitelist for Fedora 17 (jimi sngx net)
- Fix unittest on the case of haven't virt-install libs. (daikame gmail com)
- os_version for debian should be similar to ubunty for virt-install to work
  changed tree in app.py so that I can use debian mirror different from cobbler
  server (flaks bnl gov)
- fedora 17 changed the output of ifconfig command. This will make IFNAME set
  in snippets again (flaks bnl gov)
- remove edit for now (flaks bnl gov)
- Fixed snippets for bonded_bridge_slave and a few other fixes for koan/web GUI
  (jimi sngx net)
- Initial support for bonded_bridge_slave type. TODO: modifying snippets to
  actually make it work... (jimi sngx net)
- The webui_sessions directory belongs only to cobbler-web
  (chutzimir gmail com)
- RPM: put cobbler*.conf files only in /etc/httpd/conf.d
  (cristian ciupitu yahoo com)
- better fix for pull request #228 (jorgen maas gmail com)
- make rpms failed because the misc/ directory containing the augeas lense
  could not be found. this simple diff fixes that. (jorgen maas gmail com)
- Ubuntu actually requires auto=true in kopts See
  http://serverfault.com/a/144290/39018 (ekirpichov gmail com)
- Whitespace cleanup for the new openvz stuff (jimi sngx net)
- Remove dead code (useless imports) (cristian ciupitu yahoo com)
- BUGFIX extra-args option problems (daikame gmail com)
- FIX koan virt-install tests. (daikame gmail com)
- added debian support to prevent net boot looping (flaks bnl gov)
- README.openvz: - added (nvrhood gmail com)
- scripts/ovz-install: - added support for "services" kickstart option -
  corrected repos and installation source processing (nvrhood gmail com)
- cobbler.spec, setup.py: - added scripts/ovz-install (nvrhood gmail com)
- koan/openvzcreate.py, scripts/ovz-install: - changes in copyright notice
  (nvrhood gmail com)
- koan/app.py: - bug in koan: size of freespace on VG expressed as float with
  comma, but need fload with point (nvrhood gmail com)
- koan/app.py: - added type "openvz" (nvrhood gmail com)
- cobbler/collection.py: - openvz containers doesn't need to boot from PXE, so
  we prevent PXE-menu creation for such profiles. (nvrhood gmail com)
- cobbler/item_profile.py, cobbler/utils.py: - added "openvz" virtualization
  type (nvrhood gmail com)
- cobbler/item_system.py: - added openvz for virt_type (nvrhood gmail com)
- [BUGFIX] template errors can hit an exception path that references an
  undefined variable (jimi sngx net)
- If the call to int() fails, inum has no value, thus the reference to inum in
  the except clause causes an UnboundLocalError when it tries to reference
  inum. (joshua azariah com)
- Add new ubuntu (alpha) version to codes.py (jorgen maas gmail com)
- Not all remove current ifcfg- post_install_network_config (me n0ts org)
- Update systemctl script to resolve some issues (jimi sngx net)
- More spec fixes (jimi sngx net)
- Removing replicate_use_default_rsync_options setting and setting
  replicate_rsync_options to existing rsync default.  Issue #58
  (john julienfamily com)
- Commit for RFE: Expose rsync options during replication.  Issue #58
  (john julienfamily com)
- Yet more HTML/CSS fixes, cleaning up some overly large inputs caused by other
  CSS changes (jimi sngx net)
- More HTML/CSS improvements for new weblayout (jimi sngx net)
- CSS improvements for the tabbed layout (jimi sngx net)
- Fix for settings edit using the new tab format (jimi sngx net)
- Added a cancel button to replace the reset button (jimi sngx net)
- Fix saving of multiselect fields (jimi sngx net)
- Modification to generic_edit template to use tabs for categories plus some
  miscellaneous cleanup (jimi sngx net)
- Adding an example line for redhat imports to the whitelist file
  (jimi sngx net)
- Another minor fix for suse imports - fixing up name when using --available-as
  (already done in other import modules) - allowing multiple arch imports (also
  already done in other imports) (jimi sngx net)
- Some fixups for suse using --available-as (jimi sngx net)
- Fix for import when using --available-as - currently rsyncs full remote tree,
  changing that to only import files in a white list - some modifications to
  import modules to clean some things up and make available-as work better -
  fix in utils.py for path_tail, which was not working right and appending the
  full path (jimi sngx net)
- Run the same sed command on the default distributed config file to ensure
  consistent indentation (jimi sngx net)
- Add setting to enable/disable dynamic settings changes Adding
  cobblersettings.aug to distributed files, since we need a copy that doesn't
  insert tabs Added a "cobbler check" that checks if dynamic settings is
  enabled and prints a sed command to cleanup the settings file spacing/indents
  (jimi sngx net)
- Change cli command "settings" to "setting" to match other commands (which are
  not plurarlized) (jimi sngx net)
- Removing commented-out try/except block in config.py, didn't mean to commit
  this (jimi sngx net)
- Fixed/improved CLI reporting for settings (jimi sngx net)
- Added support for validating setting type when saving Also fixed up the
  augeas stuff to save lists and hashes correctly (jimi sngx net)
- Fix for incorrect redirect when login times out when looking at a setting
  edit (jimi sngx net)
- Dynamic settings edit support for the web GUI (jimi sngx net)
- Added ability to write settings file via augeas (jimi sngx net)
- Initial support for modifying settings live Changed settings do not survive a
  reboot and revert to what's in /etc/cobbler/settings TODO:  * report --name
  show a single setting  * validate settings based on type (string, list, bool,
  etc.)  * web support for editing  * persisting settings after change
  (jimi sngx net)
- Branch for 2.4.0, updated spec and setup.py (jimi sngx net)

 erlang-edown-0.3.1-1.el5 (FEDORA-EPEL-2012-13162)
 EDoc extension for generating Github-flavored Markdown
Update Information:

* Ver. 0.3.1 (fully API compatible bugfix release)

* Fri Oct 12 2012 Peter Lemenkov <lemenkov gmail com> - 0.3.1-1
- Ver. 0.3.1
* Wed Jul 18 2012 Fedora Release Engineering <rel-eng lists fedoraproject org> - 0.3.0-2
- Rebuilt for https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Fedora_18_Mass_Rebuild

  [ 1 ] Bug #865607 - erlang-edown-0.3.1 is available

 mapserver-5.6.8-1.el5 (FEDORA-EPEL-2012-13159)
 Environment for building spatially-enabled internet applications
Update Information:

Update to 5.6.8, for various fixes described at: http://trac.osgeo.org/mapserver/browser/tags/rel-5-6-8/mapserver/HISTORY.TXT

* Fri Oct 12 2012 Pavel Lisý <pali fedoraproject org> - 5.6.8-1
- Update to 5.6.8, for various fixes described at:
- Merged from 5.6.5-6

  [ 1 ] Bug #597945 - Add support for mapserver 5

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