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Re: 'policy' for multiple versions of same software in EPEL

On October 29, 2012 17:35:14 Seth Vidal wrote:

> > Why would you recommend against synchronization with any distribution?
> B/c there are many distros built on that base - and tying to one is
> implicitly blessing ONE distro.

hmm. OK, makes sense. 

> And I think fedora officially blessing a rebuild of rhel is going to go
> over like a lead balloon.

I'm not suggesting that Fedora donates to/blesses CenOS builds, but rather 
having CentOS-Extras closer to EPEL. I imagine for some, who use CentOS-Extra 
and EPEL repos against RHEL* installs cross-listed packages would prove 

Anyway, I'm bidding for the cause I have limited interest in: my selfish goal 
was to find ways for EPEL to get more man-power to carry on. "Poaching" on the 
CeonOS side seemed reasonable. And I imagine situation could be viewed in 
reverse from CentOS side where they get some extra help (read: cross-
polination) from EPEL. 

I'll stop there :)

Dmitry Makovey
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