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Re: Django-1.5 build

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On Thu 28 Feb 2013 06:58:36 AM EST, Matthias Runge wrote:
> Dear list,
> Django 1.5 was released about two days ago. I'd like to push a build to
> rawhide, but I assume, that will break many dependent packages.
> The plan is, to delay the push, until other packages are fixed, or to
> push in about 14 days.
> I have a scratch-build build ready, one might to try, it should install
> cleanly e.g. on Fedora 18.
> http://kojipkgs.fedoraproject.org//work/tasks/3880/5063880/python-django-1.5-1.fc19.noarch.rpm

How many Django-based packages are we talking about? Should we be
considering putting things together in a side tag before landing in

Also, I know at least Review Board is incompatible with 1.5 at this
time. They're planning to have a 1.5-compatible release sometime in the
next month or so.

Looking at the release notes[1], there is a sizeable number of
backwards-incompatible changes present in this new version. I think
it's going to bite us if we force it straight into Rawhide at this
point. Given the way that Django tends to operate
(backwards-incompatible releases about every six months with only the
current and previous release supported for bugfixes and security), I'm
wondering if we shouldn't just drop the 'python-django' package
entirely and go with 'python-django14', 'python-django15', etc. from
here until eternity, retiring unsupported versions only between
upstream releases. This is a policy that would probably also work
acceptably for EPEL (CCed).

Also, Django 1.5's release notes[2] indicate that it now has support
for Python 3.2 and later. I'd strongly recommend that we should be
dual-building python3-django15 as well here.

[2] https://docs.djangoproject.com/en/1.5/releases/1.5/#python-3-support
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