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Re: Moving the mailing list

Stephen John Smoogen wrote:
> We are going to be moving the EPEL mailing list from the redhat.com domain
> to the Fedoraproject domain later this week. We will also have a new list
> for users of the EPEL packages (epel-users lists fedoraproject org). I am
> shooting for Tuesday to move the lists to lists.fedoraproject.org after we
> have tested to make sure that old mail sent to
> epel-devel-list redhat comwill get redirected correctly to
> epel-devel lists fedoraproject org

Will it keep its list identifier, as the intent was when RFC 2919 was
written, or will it be a different list with a different list ID like
when the other Fedora lists were moved?

If there will be a new list ID it would be good to know it in advance
so i can prepare my configuration.

Björn Persson

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