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[et-mgmt-tools] Cobbler 0.4.6

Cobbler 0.4.6, codename "Easter Squirrel", is now released.

The main point of this release was to bugfix some of the repository handling code, as well as cobbler_syslogd -- all things reported on this list -- and also to improve repository management in general to
add some new capabilities.

Cobbler can now mirror http:// and ftp:// yum mirrors with "cobbler repo add". This is relatively huge as rsync:// mirrors are generally hard to come by, especially for 3rd party software. I also have some very-very-beta support for mirroring channel content from RHN. All of this is detailed here: http://et.redhat.com/page/Cobbler%2C_Repositories%2C_And_You

Another thing to be aware of is that cobbler now knows how to set up your provisioned boxes to use the cobbler server as a source for yum "core packages" out of the box, without you doing anything. To take advantage of this, you'll need to do a fresh "cobbler import", as import now keeps track of some extra information in order to do this. If you're provisioning machines on one network and then moving them to another, you probably want this turned off. How to do this is mentioned in the manpage in the "advanced topics" section. If you aren't using "cobbler import", it won't do this.

To understand really what's going on, feel free to look at kickstarts in /var/www/cobbler/kickstarts and /var/www/cobbler/kickstarts_sys after you run "cobbler sync", and it should be fairly obvious. As always,
suggestions/comments welcome.


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