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Re: [et-mgmt-tools] does CENTOS5 import work in Cobbler ?

Martin Minka wrote:
I imported CENTOS5 64bit DVD into Cobbler.
cobbler import --mirror=/media/centos5 --name=C5_64

When I am installing it installer stops on error http://xmltvproducer.sourceforge.net/anaconda.png.

I would like to prove with somebody who installed CENTOS5 over cobbler that it works for him and that the problem is not cobbler and its import function.


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Hi Martin,

I do imports and installs /quite/ often, as do many of the people who hang out in #cobbler on irc.freenode.net ... it most definitely works :)

Perhaps you'd like to stop by and maybe we can help debug your problem?

Looks like Anaconda is getting fed something it doesn't like in your kickstart file and/or kernel arguments, but it's hard to be sure with just the information you provided.

Kickstart can be a little tricky but with a bit more information about your kickstart file and the profile settings you used, it will probably be very easy to figure out.



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