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[et-mgmt-tools] no substitution for ip_address in kickstart file

I have a cobbler 1.4.1 installation, and recently a kickstart failed.
Looking at the
http://my.host/cblr/svc/op/ks/system/sapcps kickstart file, I find this line:

network --hostname=sapcps.mydomain --bootproto=static
--netmask= --ip=$ip_address --gateway=
--device=eth0 --onboot=on

The source line in /etc/cobbler/sample.ks is:

network --hostname=${hostname} --bootproto=static
--netmask= --ip=$ip_address --gateway=$gateway
--device=eth0 --onboot=on

$hostname and $gateway are expanded; $ip_address is not.

These values come from /var/lib/cobbler/config/system.d/sapcps:

comment: ''
ctime: 0
depth: 2
gateway: ''
hostname: sapcps.mydomain
image: ''
        bonding: ''
        bonding_master: ''
        bonding_opts: ''
        dhcp_tag: ''
        dns_name: sapcps.mydomain
        ip_address: ''
        mac_address: '00:21:5E:40:9F:64'
        static: True
        static_routes: []
        subnet: ''
        virt_bridge: ''
    gateway: ''
    ip_address: ''
    ip: ''
    netmask: ''
kernel_options_post: {}
kickstart: <<inherit>>
ks_meta: {}
mgmt_classes: []
mtime: 0
name: sapcps
name_servers: <<inherit>>
netboot_enabled: True
    - admin
parent: ''
power_address: ''
power_id: ''
power_pass: ''
power_type: ipmitool
power_user: ''
profile: Redhat4x64-x86_64
redhat_management_key: <<inherit>>
server: <<inherit>>
template_files: {}
uid: MTIzNjM2MjM5MS45MTc4NTk5NzUuNDkyOQ
virt_bridge: <<inherit>>
virt_cpus: <<inherit>>
virt_file_size: <<inherit>>
virt_path: <<inherit>>
virt_ram: <<inherit>>
virt_type: <<inherit>>

What am I missing?

Thanks for any assistance.
Terry McIntyre
UNIX for hire
Software Development, Systems Administration, Security
terry mcintyre gmail com

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