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Re: FW: ext3 problem?

On Wed, Aug 01, 2001 at 11:18:36AM +0900, ?????? wrote:
> A few days ago, I lost some of oracle DB data on my server.  My
> server was running Oracle DB and HA(high availability) server for
> web service. The filesystem was ext3, version 0.5b.  Suddenly HA
> server made error and rebooted alternately. So I stoped HA server
> and looked over mounted filesystem.  When I thought the filesystem
> was destroyed, I ran the command, fschk.ext3. But it didn't work 
> properly.  Finally, I lost some of data.  My question is "Is ext3
> filesystem stable?"  When I asked our HA server vender what the
> reason was, they said ext3 filesystem occured that problem.  I don't
> think HA server is reliable, but worry about the stability of ext3.

0.5b is a pretty old version.  There were a number of problems that
have been fixed since then.  My experience is that 0.7a is quite
stable for 2.2 kernels.  I'm personally, using 0.9.5 on the 2.4.7
kernel, and it works quite well.  On the other hand, 2.4 still has a
number of VM issues.

By the way, you didn't run fsck.ext3 on a mounted filesystem, did you?
That's a really bad idea...

						- Ted

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