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Re: EXT3 Worries

On Wed, Aug 1, 2001, at 14:21:04 +0100 Stephen C. Tweedie wrote:

>> 2) Is there a projected period when you suspect it will be
>> added to the Linus version of the kernel, and be available in
>> all distributions (not just RH)?

> That's up to Linus, but I'll be pushing for it in 2.5.  

2.5 ? Then various distributions won't include it before 2.6
! Mainly because they don't patch the Kernel like Red Hat and

ReiserFS was included in Slackware 8.0 as an option because
Linus added it in 2.4.1, but the default 2.2.19 Kernel
doesn't use it.

Waiting ~2 years to have it as an option isn't good, but one
can install as ext2 and switch, or include support in their
installation, what I'm doing.

I'm just curious if patches for all 2.4 releases will be made
once Linus adds it in 2.5. Like many others, I'd really like
to see it in future 2.4 releases, not only in the unstable
Kernel, but it's up to you and Linus.

> Linus has already said he's happy about it in principle, but
> the devil is always in the details.  In this particular case,
> ext3's data journaling facilities try to do things which the
> core VM doesn't really support, so the ext3 patches extend
> the core in a few self-contained ways to allow it to work
> happily.  Merging into 2.5 will require either for Linus to
> approve those changes or for ext3 to work around the core 
> problems, but the changes we want are compatible with a
> significant cleanup of some VM bits so I don't envisage a
> problem there.

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