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Re: EXT3 Worries

On Thu, Aug 02, 2001 at 05:08:11PM +0100, Stephen C. Tweedie wrote:
> Umm, there's plenty of precedent.  Rieserfs was an option on SuSE way
> before it was added to the main kernel.  Raw IO was built into most
> distributions on 2.2 way before it was released officially with 2.4.
That is arguably the reason why Linus included it -- because it
appeared that a number of "real-world" sites were using it in
production successfully.  Expectations for filesystems are a bit
different from hardware drivers, etc., and it would not do nobody any
good if the filesytem were widely deployed and started corrupting

I really appreciate the care that Stephen, Andreas Dilger, Andrew
Morton, and others have taken with ext3.  I've been using it since the
initial code release on 2.2, and despite occasional minor problems, it
hasn't corrupted or lost a single file.

Since ext3 is well supported in RedHat Rawhide (kernel, e2fsprogs,
mount, mkinitrd, etc.) and is therefore very likely to be in the
upcoming RH72 beta, it will soon be getting *lots* of testing.  Since
it is forward/backward compatible with ext2 and shares all of the same
tools, one can expect relatively fast adoption by even the more
conservative, risk averse users.


   Bill Rugolsky

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