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Re: EXT3 Worries / Its the army brats that worry me!?!


On Wed, Aug 01, 2001 at 11:41:46PM -0700, IT3 Stuart B. Tener, USNR-R wrote:
>             Well I do appreciate the fact that all upgrades and software
> implementations have risk, but, there comes a point when code must be frozen
> and be anointed as at some level of quality.

Right.  I consider ext3 on 2.4 code-frozen today pending one checkin
of major auditing of error-handling paths, but that doesn't change any
of the normal core code paths.

> possible failures. Just was curious, if you though I would be loading
> software which works yet?

It works for me, it works under severe stress testing for the authors
and internally in Red Hat, and it works under the stress testing that
VA Linux did before installing it on their turnkey storage servers.

> When do you think it will at a point when your
> legal department and marketing department will feel comfortable telling
> people to implement it or at least supplying it to them in a future release.

Well, it just went out a few days ago as part of the latest Red Hat
beta release, Roswell.  I can't give release dates, but the public
beta follows on from a lot of other internal and external testing so
I've got reasonable faith in the robustness of the ext3 that was
shipped there.

> queasy, but can you say that you estimate it to be x months away from being
> offered up as part of the default Linus kernel?

It is part of 2.4-ac as of yesterday.  I don't expect Linus to take it
before 2.5.

> However, is it as safe as ext2 is given all things being
> equal?

ext2 on 2.2?  No, that code has had far too much exposure and has an
extremely high level of trust as a result.  2.4?  Less of a difference
--- 2.4's VM and ext2 code are both much younger.  ext3 is still more
complex, and newer, and as a result _has_ to be considered more of a
risk purely from a theoretical point of view.  But the testing ext3
has had on 2.4 has gone extremely well, and with its inclusion into
-ac I hope that any lingering bugs will be flushed out quickly (there
are _always_ bugs you don't find in testing.)


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