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RE: EXT3 Worries

Dr. Tweedie:

	Strictly out of curiosity, where do you get these names? Like Roswell, or such? I am actually trying to raise some money for a transplant association that helped my step father afford his heart transplant. You think RedHat would be willing to "auction off" a name of a release if auction money was donated to a 501C(3) supporting transplant patients? I know it is a little bit off topic, but, I believe g-d expects us to use all our resources to help each other when we see a manner to try to do so.

	As far as ext3 goes, I am curious about one thing (I'll ask in a second), but I do intent to implement it as soon as it is released in a kernel, and I have some instructions as to which other tools I need to have to use it properly.

	Recently I converted a ReiserFS partition back to ext2 so it could be resized. I then needed to convert it back to ReiserFS. Don't ask why, but it had to be done that way. Running ext3 will avoid this situation, however, it seems that 3.1GB of files on a ReiserFS partition, took up 3.6GB on an ext2 partition. Why? Does ext3 suffer from this deficiency? Can it be corrected? Obviously my files didn't change size when they were moved! What's up with that?

Very Respectfully, 

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Friday, August 03, 2001 4:49 AM

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On Thu, Aug 02, 2001 at 09:09:05PM -0400, Richard Kimber wrote:

> > In fact, kernel RPMS with ext3 should be available from
> > most major distros within a few weeks...
> Is any more specific information on timing available than this?

I only know about the state of the Red Hat builds, but Rawhide has had
ext3 for weeks now and this week's Roswell beta release supports it.


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